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The meaning of Tip

Tip – definition


The pointed or rounded end or extremity of something slender or tapering.

Usage examples:

George pressed the tips of his fingers together

A sum of money given to someone as a reward for a service.

Usage examples:

He never leaves a tip

Attach to or cover the end or extremity of.

Usage examples:

The peaks of the mountains were tipped with snow

(in bookbinding) paste a single page, typically an illustration, to the neighbouring page of a book by a thin line of paste down its inner margin.

Usage examples:

Tipped in here is a clipping from a magazine

Cause (the contents of a container) to be emptied out by holding it at an angle.

Usage examples:

Sarah tipped the washing-up water down the sink

Strike or touch lightly.

Usage examples:

I tipped his hoof with the handle of a knife

A pitched ball that is slightly deflected by the batter.


Give (someone) a sum of money as a reward for a service.

Usage examples:

I tipped her five dollars

Predict as likely to win or achieve something.

Usage examples:

Christine was widely tipped to get the job

The extreme end of something, especially something pointed


The pointed end of something

Usage examples:

The tip of the cat’s tail is white., she has a house on the western tip of the island., she gave me…

A useful piece of information or advice

Usage examples:

Our 50 tips show you how to navigate your computer system from startup to shutdown., a tip for (doi…

Tip translation into English

Tip: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tip into Chinese (Simplified)}
小费, 尖, 翻倒, 倾倒, 末梢, 顶尖, 倒, 翻, 给, 倾卸

Tip: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tip into Dutch}
Tip, Fooi, Kantelen, Puntje, Tikken, Stortplaats, Spits, Mondstuk, Pomerans, Dopje, Wenk, Vingertop, Vuilnisbelt, Kippen, Eindje, Waarschuwing, Tikje, Waarschuwen, Lichte duw, Inlichting, Schuine stand, Kipkar, Even aanraken, Fooien geven, Een wenk geven, Schuin zetten, Hellen, Omvergooien, Overhelling, Achteroverslaan

Tip: translate from English into French

Translate tip into French}
Pointe, Pourboire, Basculer, Extrémité, Bout, Donner un pourboire, Conseil, Incliner, Faire basculer, Se renverser, Tuyau, Décharge, Cime, Verser, Dépotoir, Toucher, Petit coup, Rabattre, Déposer, Décharger, Effleurer, Se pencher, Pronostiquer, Dévoiler, Faire basculer en arrière, Inclination, Faire pencher la balance

Tip: translate from English into German

Translate tip into German}
Tipp, Spitze, Trinkgeld, Kippen, Hinweis, Ende, Zipfel, Kuppe, Mundstück, Umkippen, Trick, Gipfel, Neigen, Wink, Müllkippe, Zwinge, Kippe, Schütten, Schuttabladeplatz, Sich neigen, Überschütten

Tip: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tip into Hindi}
बख्शीश, टिप, नोक, सिरा, झुकाव, टिप देना, छूना, छूत, स्पर्श, नोक लगाना, सिरा लगाना, पेड़ों के सिरे काटना, झुकना, पलटा देना, पल्ला झुकना, अहमियत में बढ़ना, महत्ब में बढ़ना, थोड़े थोड़े छूना, उलटना, पलटना, अभिनामन करना, प्रवण करना, तिरछा करना, गिरना

Tip: translate from English into Italian

Translate tip into Italian}
Mancia, Punta, Suggerimento, Pendere, Rovesciarsi, Consiglio, Ribaltarsi, Inclinare, Estremità, Puntale, Capovolgere, Cima, Soffiata, Discarica, Vetta, Rovesciare, Inclinazione, Versare, Dare la mancia, Pronosticare, Notizia, Mondezzaio, Essere inclinato, Scaricare

Tip: translate from English into Korean

Translate tip into Korean}
팁, 끝, 첨단, 기울임, 비밀 정보, 부리, 행하, 기울다, 경타, 쓰레기 버리는 곳, 기울여 비우다, 위로 기울다, 첨단에 붙이는 물건, 끝을 붙이다, ...에게 팁을 주다, 팁을 주다, ...에게 비밀 정보를 제공하다, ...을 예상하다, 팁하다, ...을 스치다, 기울이다, 내용물을 비우다, 가볍게 손을 대다

Tip: translate from English into Russian

Translate tip into Russian}
Кончик, Чаевые, Наконечник, Совет, Верхушка, Конец, Вершина, Намек, Наклонять, Тонкий конец, Наклон, Прикосновение, Место свалки, Надевать наконечник, Предупреждать, Наклоняться, Легкое прикосновение, Легкий толчок, Приставлять наконечник, Слегка ударять, Слегка касаться, Опрокидывать, Опорожнять, Сбрасывать, Сваливать, Перевешивать, Предостерегать, Срезать верхушку, Срезать верхушки, Давать 'на чай'

Tip: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tip into Spanish}
Propina, Punta, Consejo, Extremidad, Boquilla, Yema, Vertedero, Aviso, Chivatazo, Soplo, Contera, Cabo, Escombrera, Casquillo, Advertencia, Embocadura, Confidencia, Gratificación, Basurero, Regatón, Verter, Recomendar, Dar una propina, Dejar una propina, Ladearse, Levantar, Ladear, Empinar, Pronosticar, Echar, Tiradero, Emboquillar, Golpear ligeramente, Tocar ligeramente, Elegir, Inclinar bajo, Abatir, Vaciar en, Inclinarse sobre, Tambalearse a, Informar de

Word origin

early 17th century (in the sense ‘give, hand, pass’): probably from tip1.

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