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The meaning of Counsel


Counsel – definition


Advice, especially that given formally.

Usage examples:

With wise counsel a couple can buy a home that will be appreciating in value

A barrister or other legal adviser conducting a case.

Usage examples:

The counsel for the defence

Give advice to (someone).

Usage examples:

Careers officers should counsel young people in making their career decisions

Something that provides direction or advice


To give advice, esp. on social or personal problems

Usage examples:

He was counseling athletes not to take steroids., the president sought counsel from his advisers., …

A lawyer or group of lawyers whose job is to speak for someone in a court of law

Usage examples:

Defence counsel/counsel for the defence, prosecuting counsel/counsel for the prosecution, counsel f…

Counsel translation into English

Counsel: translate from English into Chinese

Translate counsel into Chinese (Simplified)}
法律顾问, 忠告, 辩护人, 商议, 规劝, 参, 议案

Counsel: translate from English into Dutch

Translate counsel into Dutch}
Raad, Advies, Advocaat, Adviseren, Raadgeving, Overleg, Raadgever, Raden, Aanraden, Beraadslaging, Aankondigen, Bekendmaken, Mening

Counsel: translate from English into French

Translate counsel into French}
Conseil, Avocat, Conseiller, Conseiller juridique, Consulter, Consultation, Délibération, Plan

Counsel: translate from English into German

Translate counsel into German}
Rat, Ratschlag, Rechtsanwalt

Counsel: translate from English into Hindi

Translate counsel into Hindi}
सलाह, परामर्श, मंत्रणा, मशवरा, परामर्श देना, आधिवक्ता, सलाह देना, मन्त्रणा

Counsel: translate from English into Italian

Translate counsel into Italian}
Consiglio, Consigliare, Consulente, Avvocato, Consultazione, Il parere, Collegio di difesa

Counsel: translate from English into Korean

Translate counsel into Korean}
조언, 상담, 사려, 결심, 법률고문

Counsel: translate from English into Russian

Translate counsel into Russian}
Адвокат, Совет, Юрисконсульт, Совещание, Рекомендовать, Обсуждение, Планы, Намерение, Давать совет, Группа адвокатов, Напутствовать

Counsel: translate from English into Spanish

Translate counsel into Spanish}
Consejo, Abogado, Aconsejar, Letrado

Word origin

Middle English: via Old French counseil (noun), conseiller (verb), from Latin consilium ‘consultation, advice’, related to consulere (see consult). Compare with council.

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