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The meaning of Present


Present – definition


In a particular place.

Usage examples:

A doctor must be present at the ringside

Existing or occurring now.

Usage examples:

She did not expect to find herself in her present situation

The period of time now occurring.

Usage examples:

They are happy and at peace, refusing to think beyond the present

A present tense.

Usage examples:

The verbs are all in the present

Give or award formally or ceremonially.

Usage examples:

The duke presented certificates to the men

Formally introduce (someone) to someone else.

Usage examples:

May i present my wife?

Introduce or announce the various items of (a broadcast show) as a participant.

Usage examples:

The late show was presented by cynthia rose

Exhibit (a particular state or appearance) to others.

Usage examples:

The ec presented a united front over the crisis

(of a patient) come forward for initial medical examination for a particular condition or symptom.

Usage examples:

The patient presented with mild clinical encephalopathy

(of a part of a fetus) be directed towards the cervix during labour.

Usage examples:

Gardberg et al found that 68% of fetuses presenting as occiput posterior position at birth resulted…

Hold out or aim (a firearm) at something so as to be ready to fire.

Usage examples:

They were to present their rifles, take aim, and fire

The position of a firearm when aimed or held ready to be aimed, especially the position from which a rifle is fired.


Happening or existing now


Something that is given without being asked for, esp. on a special occasion or to say thank you; a gift

Usage examples:

A birthday/wedding/graduation present, did you wrap the present?, the story moves back and forth be…

To offer your thoughts, ideas, plans, etc., to others for them to consider

Usage examples:

He will present a detailed explanation of the new sales campaign at the next meeting., today a stor…

Present translation into English

Present: translate from English into Chinese

Translate present into Chinese (Simplified)}
当下, 当前, 现在, 介绍, 现, 当代, 礼物, 当今, 礼品, 今, 呈, 表达, 上, 呈递, 给, 这次, 赠, 送, 馈, 递交, 送礼, 献, 呈送, 捐赠, 瞄准, 捐献, 斯, 仪, 摆供, 齎

Present: translate from English into Dutch

Translate present into Dutch}
Cadeau, Presenteren, Aanwezig, Voorleggen, Voorstellen, Present, Tegenwoordig, Geschenk, Onderhavig, Het heden, Tegenwoordige tijd, Actueel, Gift, Zich voordoen, Hedendaags, Aanbieden, Indienen, Overleggen, Cadeau geven, Aanwezend, In kwestie, De voordracht opmaken

Present: translate from English into French

Translate present into French}
Cadeau, Présenter, Présent, Actuel, Assister, Offrir, Soumettre, Se présenter, Exposer, Donner, Déposer, Apporter

Present: translate from English into German

Translate present into German}
Gegenwärtig, Präsentieren, Gegenwart, Vorhanden, Geschenk, Präsens, Vorstellen, Vorlegen, Vortragen, Anwesend, Zeigen, Zugegen, Präsent, Bieten, Schenken, Augenblicklich, Derzeitig, Überreichen, Bringen, Gabe, Darbieten, Beschenken, Unterbreiten, Übergeben, Laufend, Bestehend, Jetzig, Einreichen, Einführen, Bisherig, Richten, Sich ergeben, Zielen, Nunmehrig

Present: translate from English into Hindi

Translate present into Hindi}
वर्तमान, मौजूद, मौजूदा, उपस्थित, प्रस्तुत, उपहार, शामिल, उपस्थित करना, यह, सकलात, दस्तावेज़, काग़ज़, निछावर, न्योछावर, नज़र, उत्सर्ग देना, उत्सर्ग करना, उपहार देना, सामने रखना, स्वीकार करना, अनुमोदन करना, स्थित, निशाना लगाने के लिये तैयार होना, हाज़िर, वर्तमान-काल, भेंट, पेश करना

Present: translate from English into Italian

Translate present into Italian}
Regalo, Presente, Presentare, Attuale, Momento, Corrente, Dono, Regalare, Fornire, Offrire, Esporre, Strenna, Donare, Consegnare, Prospettare, Affacciare

Present: translate from English into Korean

Translate present into Korean}
현재, 선물, 있는, 표하다, 현금, 겨누다, 정하다, 본문, 차, 총으로 겨누기, 현재의, 즉석의, 증정하다, 건네주다, 계산서 따위를 건네주다, 경의 따위를 표하다, 소개하다, 둥장시키다, 극 따위를 둥장시키다, 배우 따위를 둥장시키다, 추천하다, 받들어총을 하다, 제정하다, 헌납하다, 상정하다

Present: translate from English into Russian

Translate present into Russian}
Подарок, Настоящее время, Представлять, Настоящий, Нынешний, Данный, Присутствующий, Существующий, Современный, Налицо, Теперешний, Дарить, Преподносить, Показывать, Представлять собой, Подавать, Давать, Поднести, Вручать, Являть, Имеющийся налицо, Взятие на прицел, Взятие на караул, Передавать на рассмотрение, Являть собой, Брать на караул, Целиться, Этот самый

Present: translate from English into Spanish

Translate present into Spanish}
Presente, Presentar, Actual, Actualidad, Regalo, Ofrecer, Obsequio, Exponer, Regalar, Dar, Mostrar, Plantear, Brindar, Oferta, Designar

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French, originally in the phrase mettre une chose en present à quelqu'un ‘put a thing into the presence of a person’.

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