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The meaning of Top


Top – definition


The highest or uppermost point, part, or surface of something.

Usage examples:

Doreen stood at the top of the stairs

A lid, cover, or cap.

Usage examples:

Beer bottle tops

The highest or most important rank, level, or position.

Usage examples:

Her talent will take her right to the top

A garment covering the upper part of the body and worn with a skirt, trousers, or shorts.

Usage examples:

He was wearing a hooded top

The end of something that is furthest from the speaker or a point of reference.

Usage examples:

The bus shelter at the top of the road

A bundle of long wool fibres prepared for spinning.

Usage examples:

She started off with wool tops in sliver form.

A man who takes the active role in anal intercourse with another man.


A conical, spherical, or pear-shaped toy that can be set to spin with a quick twist.

Usage examples:

Children played with simple toys like marbles, wooden tops, ice skates, and dolls

Denoting a flavour (variety) of unstable quark having an electric charge of +2/3. top quarks have similar properties to up quarks and charm quarks, but are distinguished from them by having a larger mass.

Usage examples:

Physicists had known that the top must exist since 1977, when its partner, the bottom, was discover…

Exceed (an amount, level, or number); be more than.

Usage examples:

Losses are expected to top £100 m this year

Provide with a top or topping.

Usage examples:

Toast topped with baked beans

Reach the top of (a hill or other elevation).

Usage examples:

They topped a rise and began a slow descent


Usage examples:

I wasn't sorry when he topped himself

Mishit (the ball or a stroke) by hitting above the centre of the ball.

Usage examples:

He topped his drive on the fifth hole

Short for topspin.


Denoting a flavour (variety) of unstable quark having an electric charge of + 2/3. top quarks have similar properties to up quarks and charm quarks, but are distinguished from them by having a larger mass.


At the most.

Usage examples:

Some civil servant earning twenty-eight thousand a year, tops

A conical, spherical, or pear-shaped toy that with a quick or vigorous twist may be set to spin.


Used in names of top shells, e.g. strawberry top.


Tongan pa'anga.


The highest point, place, or part

Usage examples:

We set out for the top of the mountain at daybreak., the book was on (the) top of the table (= on t…

The most important or successful position in an organization, activity, etc.

Usage examples:

He worked hard and quickly reached the top of his profession., congratulations on your promotion - …

Top translation into English

Top: translate from English into Chinese

Translate top into Chinese (Simplified)}
最佳, 顶部, 顶端, 顶, 面, 头, 盖, 颠, 尖, 上身, 极, 尖峰, 上面的, 最大的, 最高的

Top: translate from English into Dutch

Translate top into Dutch}
Bovenkant, Top, Topje, Hoogst, Bovenstuk, Hoofd, Toppen, Spits, Bovenst, Kruin, Toppunt, Bedekken, Prima, Afknotten, Bekronen, Afmaken, Voornaamst, Voltooien, Overtreffen

Top: translate from English into French

Translate top into French}
Haut, Couronner, Sommet, Supérieur, En haut, Tête, Premier, Dernier, De haut, Meilleur, Surface, Couvercle, Cime, Bout, Couverture, Toupie, Faîte, Élite, Recouvrir, Capuchon, Dépasser, Apogée, Terminer, Rang supérieur, Crâne, Couper le cou, Franchir le sommet, Atteindre son maximum, Être à la tête de

Top: translate from English into German

Translate top into German}
Oben, Top-, Top, Spitze, Obere, Oberste, Gipfel, Übersteigen, Oberteil, Höchste, Kopf, Beste, Deckel, Dach, Oberfläche, Höhe, Rand, Kreisel, Krone, Oberes ende, Kappe, Wipfel, Kamm, Bedecken, Verschluss, Krönen, Aufbau, Oberkörper, Zirkuszelt, Mars, Hülle, Höchster gang, Übertreffen, Großzelt, Spitzen-, Arbeitsfläche

Top: translate from English into Hindi

Translate top into Hindi}
ऊपर, टॉप, शीर्ष, चोटी, सर्वोच्च, शिखर, ऊपर का, उत्तम, सिरा, ऊपर रखना, ऊपर का हिस्सा, ऊपर का भाग, शिर, सानु, ढंकना, ढंक देना, ढंक लेना, चढ़ाना, पीछे छोड़ना, छाना

Top: translate from English into Italian

Translate top into Italian}
Superiore, Cima, Top, Sopra, Migliore, Primo, Vertice, Testa, Massimo, Vetta, Punta, Tetto, Superficie, Coperchio, Ultimo, Capo, Tappo, Culmine, Trottola, Apice, Piano superiore, Superare, Camicia, Il più alto, Coprire, Dirigente, Sovrastare, Tagliare le punte, Essere in testa

Top: translate from English into Korean

Translate top into Korean}
맨 위, 상단, 톱, 최고의, 정상, 꼭대기, 위, 상, 팽이, 상의, 우두머리, 앞 머리칼, 높이 서다, 우뚝 서다, 장화의 상부, 승마용의 상부, 사냥용 구두의 상부, 밀어치기, 꼭대기의, 수석의, 일류의, 꼭대기를 달다, 끝을 자르다, ...의 꼭대기에 오르다, 교살하다, 공의 상반부를 치다, 돛가름대의 한끝이 기울다, 상회하다

Top: translate from English into Russian

Translate top into Russian}
Топ, Верхний, Верх, Вершина, Высший, Верхушка, Первое место, Крышка, Волчок, Максимальный, Кровля, Макушка, Первый, Верхняя поверхность, Блузка, Верхний конец, Колпачок, Колошник, Купол, Самый главный, Верхний обрез, Быть первым, Шпиль, Высшая степень, Глава, Превышать, Ботва, Покрывать, Высокое положение, Джемпер, Марс, Высшее напряжение, Отвороты, Высокие сапоги с отворотами, Верх одежды или обуви, Снабжать верхушкой, Достигать вершины, Перевалить, Перепрыгнуть, Быть во главе, Превосходить, Срезать, Обрезать верхушку

Top: translate from English into Spanish

Translate top into Spanish}
Parte superior, Superior, Rematar, Top, Cima, Tapa, Principal, Máximo, Más alto, Cumbre, Tope, Cabeza, Lo alto, Parte alta, Superficie, Copa, Primero, Capota, Último, Importante, Primer puesto, Remate, Primera posición, Peonza, Planta superior, Cresta, Lo mejor, Coronilla, Puntero, Piso superior, Encabezar, Supremo, El más alto, Tapadera, Coronar, Cofa, Cimero, Pináculo, Capuchón, Coronamiento, Peón, Otro extremo, Baca, Cápsula, Exceder, Gordo, Hojas, Descabezar, Trompa, Ser jefe, Desmochar, Quitar las hojas de, Colgar, Aventajar, Rebasar, Salir por encima de, Sumo, Parte más lejana, Llegar a la cumbre de, Dirigir, Estar en la cabeza de, Imperial

Word origin

late Old English, of unknown origin.

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