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The meaning of Tap

Tap – definition


A device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled.

Usage examples:

She turned the cold tap on

A device connected to a telephone for listening secretly to someone's conversations.

Usage examples:

Those taps produced hundreds of hours of recordings

An instrument for cutting a threaded hole in a material.

Usage examples:

The heiner screw box and its original tap are for threads of two-inch nominal diameter with two and…

A taproom.

Usage examples:

The tap was a veritable hub of activity and human drama.

Draw liquid through the tap or spout of (a cask, barrel, or other container).

Usage examples:

Several barrels had been tapped to celebrate old victories

Exploit or draw a supply from (a resource).

Usage examples:

Clients from industry seeking to tap edinburgh's resources of expertise

Connect a device to (a telephone) so that conversation can be listened to secretly.

Usage examples:

The telephones were tapped by the state security police

Cut a thread in (something) to accept a screw.

Usage examples:

On most vices, the metal jaws are drilled and tapped to accept screws

Strike with a quick light blow or blows.

Usage examples:

One of my staff tapped me on the shoulder

Designate or select (someone) for a task or honour, especially membership of an organization or committee.

Usage examples:

He had been tapped earlier to serve in costa rica

A quick light blow, or the sound of such a blow.

Usage examples:

There was a sharp tap at the door

Tap dancing.

Usage examples:

A rhythm much used in tap

A bugle call for lights to be put out in army quarters.

Usage examples:

The bugler played taps

Strike lightly


To hit something lightly and quickly, or to make a sound by doing this

Usage examples:

[ t ] she tapped the back of his hand., [ i ] casey is tapping away at his computer., [ t ] their t…

To get or make use of something that exists, such as money, skills, information, energy, etc.

Usage examples:

The company has tapped a $8750 general fund surplus to pay for the building projects., ultra-deep w…

Tap translation into English

Tap: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tap into Chinese (Simplified)}
轻敲, 龙头, 敲击, 踢踏, 敲打, 窃听, 磕, 抃, 偷听, 斟, 轻打

Tap: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tap into Dutch}
Tik, Kraan, Tap, Tikken, Tikje, Tappen, Aftappen, Klopje, Aanboren, Gelagkamer, Spon, Brouwsel, Schroefboor, Van een kraan voorzien, Kraan slaan in, Aansteken, Aanbreken, Opentrekken, Schroefgat boren in, Uithoren, Beginnen met, Exploiteren, Handel vestigen, Zachtjes kloppen op, Pikken tegen, Lappen, Bloedneus slaan

Tap: translate from English into French

Translate tap into French}
Robinet, Exploiter, Taraud, Tapoter, Brancher, Capter, Tarauder, Sélectionner, Claquette, Percer, Petit coup, Pivot, Drainer, Taper légèrement, Cannelle, Drain, Bonde, Mettre sur écoute, Inciser, Frapper doucement, User, Gemmer, Écoute téléphonique, Nommer, Tapette, Danser la claquettes, Petit tape

Tap: translate from English into German

Translate tap into German}
Klopfen, Tippen, Hahn, Erschließen, Anzapfen, Zapfen, Wasserhahn, Schlag, Abklopfen, Abhören, Beklopfen, Zapfhahn, Pochen, Anstechen, Wasserleitung, Abstechen, Leicht schlagen, Stromabnehmer

Tap: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tap into Hindi}
नल, बंबा, डाट, पानी का कल, श्रेणी, पानी का कल लगाना, बंबा लगाना, शराब डालना, डाट निकालना, पकड़ना, थपथपाहट, लाभ उठाना, छेद करके तरल पदार्थ निकालना, टोंटी लगाना

Tap: translate from English into Italian

Translate tap into Italian}
Rubinetto, Colpetto, Spina, Presa, Picchiettare, Intercettare, Battere leggermente, Spillare, Picchiare, Bussare, Captare, Incidere, Picchio, Perforare

Tap: translate from English into Korean

Translate tap into Korean}
수도꼭지, 꼭지, 천자, 탭 댄스, 술, 가볍게 두드리다, 가볍게 두드림, 창갈이 가죽, 소등 신호, 술집, 두드려서 만들다, 때리다, 가볍게 때리다, 열다, 청하다, 암나사를 파는 틀, 도선의 분기, 창을 덧대다, 회원으로서 선출하다, 따르는 꼭지를 달다, 구멍을 뚫어 ...의 즙을 받다, 구멍을 뚫어 ...의 액을 받다, 암나사 홈을 파다, 발행기간에 제한이 없는, 발행기총액에 제한이 없는

Tap: translate from English into Russian

Translate tap into Russian}
Нажмите, Кран, Отвод, Ответвление, Метчик, Водопроводный кран, Отпайка, Пробка, Подслушивающее устройство, Легкий удар, Постукивать, Выпускное отверстие, Набойка, Легкий стук, Пивная, Затычка, Сорт, Летка, Выкачивать, Перехватывать, Сигнал тушить огни, Набивать набойку, Марка, Бар, Отбой, Снабжать втулкой, Вставлять кран, Вынимать пробку, Наливать, Делать прокол, Выпускать жидкость, Делать надрез на дереве, Выуживать деньги, Выпрашивать деньги, Делать отвод, Ответвлять, Выпускать металл из печи, Пробивать летку, Стучать, Обстукивать, Простукать, Хлопать, Нарезать резьбу

Tap: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tap into Spanish}
Tocar, Grifo, Aprovechar, Golpecito, Llave, Derivación, Golpear ligeramente, Canilla, Macho, Espita, Palmadita, Pulsar, Escucha, Tecleo, Pinchar, Explotar, Golpe ligero, Cerveza, Golpear suavemente, Utilizar, Pinchazo, Conectar, Dar golpecitos, Interceptar, Listo, Tapar, Teclear, Toque ligero, Paja, Tictac, Espitar, Intervenir sobre, Sangrar, Hacer una puntura en, Hablar, Usar a, Escuchar clandestinamente, Servirse, Dar una palmadita a, Decir por

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French taper, or of imitative origin; compare with clap1 and rap1.

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