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Dump – definition


A site for depositing rubbish.

Usage examples:

Putting a halting site beside a dump was unfair in the first place.

An unpleasant or dreary place.

Usage examples:

Why are you living in a dump like this?

An act of copying stored data to a different location, performed typically as a protection against loss.

Usage examples:

Attempts to track keystrokes and transfer graphics buffer memory contents are bypassed, he said, an…

An act of defecation.

Usage examples:

They stage stunts in which, in but one example, they take a dump in a toilet on display in a hardwa…

Deposit or dispose of (rubbish, waste, or unwanted material), typically in a careless or hurried way.

Usage examples:

Trucks dumped 1,900 tons of refuse here

Copy (stored data) to a different location, especially so as to protect against loss.

Usage examples:

After a set amount of time, if power is not yet restored, the system will dump data from the cache …

To put down or drop something heavy without caring where it goes, or to get rid of something or someone no longer wanted

Usage examples:

The ship was accused of dumping garbage overboard., she missed too many rehearsals and was dumped f…

To stop using or supporting something or someone

Usage examples:

The group has dumped plans for a giant us takeover after ruling that difficult stock market conditi…

Dump translation into English

Dump: translate from English into Chinese

Translate dump into Chinese (Simplified)}
倾倒, 倾销, 垃圾, 抛弃, 悲伤, 悲, 倾卸, 堆存处

Dump: translate from English into Dutch

Translate dump into Dutch}
Dumpen, Stortplaats, Storten, Vuilnisbelt, Opslagplaats, Neerploffen, De markt overvoeren

Dump: translate from English into French

Translate dump into French}
Décharger, Déverser, Jeter, Déposer, Abandonner, Décharge publique, Poubelle, Déchets, Se débarrasser de, Baraque, Faire un vidage de

Dump: translate from English into German

Translate dump into German}
Entsorgen, Loch, Abladen, Müllhalde, Wegwerfen, Verklappen, Kaff, Müllkippe, Lagern, Nest, Depot, Schuttabladeplatz, Müllabladeplatz, Stapeln, Verschleudern, Schutthaufen, Drecknest, Wanzenbude

Dump: translate from English into Hindi

Translate dump into Hindi}
गंदी जगह, ढेर, घूर, घूरा, थांग, जेल, उदासी, खिन्नता, विषाद, गिराना, उलटना, काटकर गिराना, ढेर लगाना, फेंकना, खत्ता लगाना, खत्ते में डालना, खत्ता, क़ैदख़ाना

Dump: translate from English into Italian

Translate dump into Italian}
Scarico, Scaricare, Cumulo di rifiuti, Abbandonare, Vuotare, Scaricare rifiuti, Ammasso

Dump: translate from English into Korean

Translate dump into Korean}
덤프, 쓰레기 버리는, 쓰레기 버리는 곳, 버리다, 털썩, 우울, 털썩 떨어지다, 지저분한 집 덤프카, 지저분한 도시 덤프카, 지저분한 아파트 덤프카, 지저분한 극장 덤프카, 뇌물을 받고 져주는 시합, 내버리다, 외국 시장에 헐값으로 팔다, 외국으로 내보내다, 헐값으로 팔다

Dump: translate from English into Russian

Translate dump into Russian}
Свалка, Сбрасывать, Сваливать, Отвал, Дыра, Самосвальный, Вываливать, Деньги, Груда хлама, Мусорная куча, Коренастый, Куча шлака, Штабель угля или руды, Мрачная дыра, Глушь, Временный полевой склад, Свинцовый кружок, Свинцовая фишка, Мелкая монета, Невысокий коренастый человек, Оставлять, Опрокидывать, Разгружать, Устраивать демпинг, Ронять с шумом, Бросать

Dump: translate from English into Spanish

Translate dump into Spanish}
Vertedero, Tugurio, Basurero, Deshacerse de, Arrojar, Botadero, Vaciadero, Montón, Escorial, Poblacho, Casucha, Pueblucho, Vuelco de memoria, Depósito de municiones, Descargarse, Poblachón, Vaciar en, Servidor de la basura, Verter a, Inundar el mercado de, Volcar dentro

Word origin

Middle English: perhaps from Old Norse; related to Danish dumpe and Norwegian dumpa ‘fall suddenly’ (the original sense in English); in later use partly imitative; compare with thump.

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