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The meaning of Flick


Flick – definition


A sudden quick movement.

Usage examples:

The flick of a switch

A cinema film.

Usage examples:

A hollywood action flick

A group of hares or rabbits.


Strike or propel (something) with a sudden quick movement of the fingers.

Usage examples:

Max flicked his bow tie

Throw or toss with a quick motion


To make a short, sudden movement that causes something to move

Usage examples:

[ t ] brina flicked her hair over her shoulder., [ m ] he flicked the light switch on/off., [ i alw…

Flick translation into English

Flick: translate from English into Chinese

Translate flick into Chinese (Simplified)}
轻弹, 拂去, 弹, 抽动, 忽然摇动, 拍动

Flick: translate from English into Dutch

Translate flick into Dutch}
Flick, Tik, Knip, Tikje, Tikken, Spat, Wegknippen, Kerel, Scheurtje

Flick: translate from English into French

Translate flick into French}
Feuilleter, Chiquenaude, Petit coup, Petit mouvement rapide, Donner un léger coup, Voix de coup, Voix de chiquenaude, Donner des coups par le doigt

Flick: translate from English into German

Translate flick into German}
Schnippen, Film, Schnipsen, Schnalzen, Umschalten, Schnipser, Anknipsen

Flick: translate from English into Hindi

Translate flick into Hindi}
झटका, चलचित्र, कोड़े लगाना, धक्का, झाड़ना, चाबुक से मारना, कोड़े मारना, चाबुक से पीटना, झटका देना, चाबुक लगाना, स्वच्छ करना

Flick: translate from English into Italian

Translate flick into Italian}
Scorri, Colpo, Colpo di frusta, Colpetto, Colpire leggermente, Buffetto, Schioccare, Dare un colpetto, Dare una frustatina, Muoversi a scatti

Flick: translate from English into Korean

Translate flick into Korean}
영화, 가볍게 치기, 튐, 휙 휘두르다, 가볍게 휙 치다, 홱 움직이다, 탁 움직여 ...하다, 휙휙 움직이다, 가볍게 떨어버리다, 칼날이 퉁겨져 나오는 칼

Flick: translate from English into Russian

Translate flick into Russian}
Щелчок, Фильм, Резкое движение, Кинофильм, Смахнуть легким щелчком, Легкий удар, Слегка ударить, Слегка стегнуть, Смахнуть легким ударом, Сбрасывать легким ударом, Сбрасывать легким щелчком

Flick: translate from English into Spanish

Translate flick into Spanish}
Película, Chasquido, Capirotazo, Golpecito rápido, Dar un golpecito a, Chasquear un golpecito

Word origin

late Middle English: symbolic, fl- frequently beginning words denoting sudden movement.

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