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The meaning of Tear

Tear – definition


Pull (something) apart or to pieces with force.

Usage examples:

I tore up the letter

Move very quickly in a reckless or excited manner.

Usage examples:

She tore along the footpath on her bike

Be in a state of uncertainty between two conflicting options or parties.

Usage examples:

He was torn between his duty and his better instincts

A hole or split in something caused by it having been pulled apart forcefully.

Usage examples:

There was a tear in her dress

A brief spell of erratic or unrestrained behaviour; a binge or spree.

Usage examples:

One of my drinking buddies came for the weekend and we went on a tear

A drop of clear salty liquid secreted from glands in a person's eye when they cry or when the eye is irritated.

Usage examples:

A tear rolled down her cheek



(of the eye) produce tears.

Usage examples:

The freezing wind made her eyes tear

Separate or cause to separate abruptly


A drop of salty liquid that flows from the eye when it is hurt or as a result of strong emotion, esp. unhappiness or pain

Usage examples:

By the end of the movie i had tears in my eyes (= i was ready to cry)., the boy had lost his money …

Tear translation into English

Tear: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tear into Chinese (Simplified)}
眼泪, 撕, 泪, 撕破, 撕毁, 泪水, 扯, 拆, 擘, 撦, 涕, 赶快, 捩, 洞, 窟窿

Tear: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tear into Dutch}
Traan, Scheur, Scheuren, Trekken, Doorscheuren, Openrijten, Razen, Vliegen, Haast, Woede, Vaneenscheuren, Rennen, Uiteenrukken, Fuif, Droppel, Tieren

Tear: translate from English into French

Translate tear into French}
Larme, Déchirer, Déchirure, Déchirement, Détacher, Démolir, Déchiqueter, Déraciner, Mettre en pièces, Accroc, Trou, Démarrage, Se lancer

Tear: translate from English into German

Translate tear into German}
Träne, Reißen, Riss, Zerreißen, Ausreißen, Aufreißen, Zerren, Rasen, Preschen, Anreißen, Hetzen, Sausen, Kaputtgehen, Wüten, Zähre

Tear: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tear into Hindi}
आँसू, आंसू, अश्रु, नोचना, छीज, फटना, छेद, छीनना, छीन लेना, टूटना, चाक, लक्ष्य, रोष, उद्धतता, वाष्प, विंदु, बुंद, कोलाहपूर्ण मद्यपानोत्सव, नोच डालना, उखेड़ना, तुड़ाना, खींच लेना, खींच निकालना, खरोंचना, फट जाना, छलनी कर देना, टुकड़े टुकड़े हो जाना, घिस-पिस, नेत्र जल

Tear: translate from English into Italian

Translate tear into Italian}
Lacrima, Strappare, Strappo, Lacerare, Strapparsi, Stracciare, Lacerarsi, Dilaniare, Goccia, Spacco, Correre velocemente

Tear: translate from English into Korean

Translate tear into Korean}
눈물, 찢다, 찢음, 째지다, 날뛰다, 째진 틈, 눈 물, 물방울, 비애, 광포, 잡아채다, 잡아당겨 만들다, 잡아당겨 째지게 만들다, 분열시키다, 쥐어뜯다, 맹렬히 공격하다, 눈물을 짓다, 이슬방울

Tear: translate from English into Russian

Translate tear into Russian}
Рвать, Слеза, Разрыв, Рваться, Разрывать, Срывать, Отрывать, Драть, Раздирать, Разрываться, Отрываться, Ободрать, Слезиться, Загрызть, Надрыв, Выхватывать, Поранить, Мчаться, Прореха, Истрепать, Раздирание, Изнашиваться, Неистовство, Неистовствовать, Дыра, Капля, Задирание, Стремительное движение, Спешка, Кутеж, Продирать, Надирать, Оцарапать, Отнимать, Бушевать

Tear: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tear into Spanish}
Lágrima, Rasgón, Rasgar, Desgarrar, Arrancar, Rasgarse, Despedazar, Partir, Deshacer, Quebrar, Hacer pedazos, Lacerar, Arruinar, Quebrantar, Lanzarse, Estropear, Vencer, Romperse con, Desgarrón, Precipitarse, Roturar, Incumplir, Violar, Batir, Infringir, Hacer quebrar, Correr precipitadamente, Rajo, Rajón, Tratar en

Word origin

Old English tēar, of Germanic origin; related to German Zähre, from an Indo-European root shared by Old Latin dacruma (Latin lacrima ) and Greek dakru .

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