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The meaning of Wring

Wring – definition


Squeeze and twist (something) to force liquid from it.

Usage examples:

She wrung the cloth out in the sink

Break (an animal's neck) by twisting it forcibly.

Usage examples:

The chicken shrieked as one of the women wrung its neck

Cause pain or distress to.

Usage examples:

The letter must have wrung her heart

An act of squeezing or twisting something.

Usage examples:

I rinse my brush in hot water, warm water and then give it a slight "wring".

To twist something by holding it tightly and turning your hands in opposite directions

Usage examples:

[ m ] she wrung out the shirt and hung it up to dry.

Wring translation into English

Wring: translate from English into Chinese

Translate wring into Chinese (Simplified)}
拧, 绞

Wring: translate from English into Dutch

Translate wring into Dutch}
Wringen, Uitwringen, Omdraaien, Afdwingen, Wrong, Afpersen, Wringing, Wijnpers, Kaaspers, Verdraaien, Kwellen, Benauwen, Knevelen, Uitknijpen

Wring: translate from English into French

Translate wring into French}
Tordre, Essorer, Extorquer, Serrer, Tourmenter, Enfoncer

Wring: translate from English into German

Translate wring into German}
Wringen, Ringen

Wring: translate from English into Hindi

Translate wring into Hindi}
मरोड़, मरोड़ना, कष्ट देना, निचोडना, ऐंठना, मुड़ना

Wring: translate from English into Italian

Translate wring into Italian}
Strizzare, Torcere, Estorcere, Stringere con forza

Wring: translate from English into Korean

Translate wring into Korean}
짜다, 짜내다, 꽉 쥐다, 비틀다, 괴롭히다, 감다, 짬, 과즙 짜는 기계, 왜곡하다, 손을 꽉 쥠

Wring: translate from English into Russian

Translate wring into Russian}
Отжимать, Выжимать, Скручивать, Вымогать, Исторгать, Терзать, Скручивание, Выкручивать, Выжимание, Жать, Выкручивание, Пожатие, Сжатие, Колики

Wring: translate from English into Spanish

Translate wring into Spanish}
Exprimir, Escurrir, Retorcer, Acongojar, Apenar, Escurrimiento, Torcer fuertemente

Word origin

Old English wringan (verb), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch wringen, also to wrong.

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