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The meaning of Sweep

Sweep – definition


Clean (an area) by brushing away dirt or litter.

Usage examples:

I've swept the floor

Move swiftly and smoothly.

Usage examples:

A large black car swept past the open windows

Search (an area) for something.

Usage examples:

The detective swept the room for hair and fingerprints

An act of sweeping something with a brush.

Usage examples:

I was giving the floor a quick sweep

A long, swift curving movement.

Usage examples:

A grandiose sweep of his hand

A procedure for inducing labour in a pregnant woman, in which a medical practitioner moves a finger around within the opening of the cervix to detach the amniotic membranes.

Usage examples:

I went in for a sweep at 41 weeks

A comprehensive search or survey of a place or area.

Usage examples:

The police finished their sweep through the woods

A long, typically curved stretch of road, river, or land.

Usage examples:

We could see a wide sweep of country perhaps a hundred miles across

A sweepstake.


An instance of winning every event, award, or place in a contest.

Usage examples:

A world series sweep

A long, heavy oar used to row a barge or other vessel.

Usage examples:

A big, heavy sweep oar

A sail of a windmill.


A long pole mounted as a lever for raising buckets from a well.

Sweep translation into English

Sweep: translate from English into Chinese

Translate sweep into Chinese (Simplified)}
扫, 打扫, 席卷, 范围

Sweep: translate from English into Dutch

Translate sweep into Dutch}
Vegen, Veeg, Oprit, Slag, Schoorsteenveger, Veger, Bestrijken, Oprijlaan, Aanvegen, Afzoeken, Zwengel

Sweep: translate from English into French

Translate sweep into French}
Balayer, Balayage, Balai, Ramoner, Étendue, Ramoneur, Courbure, Emporter, Portée, Coup de balai, Draguer, Parcourir, Repousser, Balayeur, Passer le balai, Victoire écrasante, Déminage, Écraser, Déminer, Faire glisser, Grand geste, Faire tomber, Remporter avec succès, Gagner avec forte majorité, Frôler, Donner un coup de balai, S'éloigner

Sweep: translate from English into German

Translate sweep into German}
Fegen, Kehren, Schwung, Streichen, Räumen, Bestreichen, Bogen, Rauschen, Streich, Schornsteinfeger, Absuchen, Bereich, Schussbereich

Sweep: translate from English into Hindi

Translate sweep into Hindi}
झाड़ू लगा दो, घुमाव, मोड़, साफ़ सफ़ाई, प्रभावक्षेत्र, मार, चिमनी साफ़ करनेवाला, लंबा डाँड, झाड़ू लगाना, तेज़ी से निकल जाना, फैलना, झाड़ू से साफ़ करना, उड़ा ले जाना, झाड, बुहार, झाडू देने वाला, लपेट, दौड़

Sweep: translate from English into Italian

Translate sweep into Italian}
Spazzare, Spazzata, Scopare, Pulire, Distesa, Movimento, Trascinare, Spazzacamino, Portata, Dilagare, Ampio gesto, Perlustrare, Estendersi, Dragare, Scopata, Avanzata impetuosa, Fascio luminoso, Procedere maestosamente

Sweep: translate from English into Korean

Translate sweep into Korean}
스위프, 소인, 쓸기, 일소, 진보, 한번 휘두름, 뻗음, 굽음, 쓸어 모은 것, 굴뚝 청소부, 길고 큰 노, 소멸, 털다, 타다, 큰 노로 젓다, 닿다, 휩쓸다, 판돈 전부를 혼자 또는 몇 사람이 독차지하는 경마, 반동식 두레박의 대, 반동식 두레박, 청소하다, 쓸어내리다, 씻어내리다, 휙 지나가다, 휙 통과시키다, 품위있게 인사하다, 압승하다, 엄습하다, 옷자락을 끌며 걷다

Sweep: translate from English into Russian

Translate sweep into Russian}
Подметать, Мести, Размах, Взмах, Охват, Трубочист, Изгиб, Подметание, Движение, Сметать, Чистка, Выметание, Нестись, Течение, Тралить, Поворот, Изгибаться, Распространение, Шаблон, Выметать, Касаться, Простреливать, Непрестанное движение, Полная победа, Заметать, Прочищать, Чистить, Смывать, Сносить, Уничтожать, Мчаться, Проноситься, Ходить величаво, Обуять, Охватывать, Увлекать, Окидывать взглядом, Проводить, Гнуть в дугу, Изгибать, Простираться, Тянуться, Одержать полную победу, Обстреливать, Негодяй, Пари на скачках, Мусор, Кругозор, Протяжение, Пролет, Пределы, Длинное весло, Журавль колодца, Тотализатор, Крыло ветряной мельницы, Лекало, Развитие

Sweep: translate from English into Spanish

Translate sweep into Spanish}
Barrer, Extensión, Redada, Deshollinador, Barredura, Triunfo total, Deshollinar, Precipitarse, Dragar

Word origin

Old English swāpan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to German schweifen ‘sweep in a curve’.

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