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The meaning of Hurry


Hurry – definition


To move or act quickly, or to cause someone to move or act quickly

Usage examples:

[ i ] we have to hurry if we’re going to make it there in time., [ t ] i hurried the kids through t…

Hurry translation into English

Hurry: translate from English into Chinese

Translate hurry into Chinese (Simplified)}
匆忙, 赶快, 赶, 催, 仓促, 遽, 赶忙, 慌忙, 忙, 促, 趋, 遄, 迮, 撺, 奔, 颤音

Hurry: translate from English into Dutch

Translate hurry into Dutch}
Haast je, Haast, Haasten, Voortmaken, Haast maken, Verhaasten, Spoed maken, Jachten, Gewoel, Zich overijlen, Drijven, Verwarring

Hurry: translate from English into French

Translate hurry into French}
Dépêche toi, Se dépêcher, Hâte, Se presser, Précipitation, Courir, Se hâter, Pousser, Accélération

Hurry: translate from English into German

Translate hurry into German}
Sich beeilen, Eile, Eilen, Beschleunigen, Hetzen, Laufen, Hasten, Überstürzen, Antreiben, Hetze, Zur eile antreiben, Scheuchen, Schneller machen, Rage

Hurry: translate from English into Hindi

Translate hurry into Hindi}
जल्दी कीजिये, जल्दी, जल्दी करना, जल्दी से चलना, जल्दी से जाना, उतावलापन करना, आकुलता, आतुरता

Hurry: translate from English into Italian

Translate hurry into Italian}
Fretta, Affrettarsi, Affrettare, Sbrigarsi, Premura, Sollecitare, Urgenza, Spedire in fretta

Hurry: translate from English into Korean

Translate hurry into Korean}
서두르다, 서두름, 열심, 사구, 서둘다, 서두르게 하다, 서두를 필요, 진음곡

Hurry: translate from English into Russian

Translate hurry into Russian}
Торопиться, Спешка, Торопить, Подгонять, Поспешность, Торопливость, Подогнать, Поспешно посылать, Делать в спешке, Нетерпеливое желание, Поспешно отправлять, Быстро вести или тащить, Нетерпение

Hurry: translate from English into Spanish

Translate hurry into Spanish}
Apuro, Prisa, Apresurar, Apresurarse, Apurarse, Acelerar, Apurar, Correr, Apresuramiento, Darse prisa a, Dar prisa a

Word origin

late 16th century (as a verb): imitative.

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