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The meaning of Speed

Speed – definition


The rate at which someone or something moves or operates or is able to move or operate.

Usage examples:

We turned on to the runway and began to gather speed

Each of the possible gear ratios of a bicycle or motor vehicle.


The light-gathering power or f-number of a camera lens.

Usage examples:

Lens speed indicates how bright the image in the viewfinder will be.

An amphetamine drug, especially methamphetamine.

Usage examples:

Aimed at drug users and their families, the film centres on former drug addicts who were addicted t…

Success; prosperity.

Usage examples:

Wish me good speed

Make prosperous or successful.

Usage examples:

May god speed you

Take or be under the influence of an amphetamine drug.

Usage examples:

More kids than ever are speeding, tripping, and getting stoned

(a) rate at which something moves or happens

Usage examples:

[ c ] a speed of 25 miles per hour, [ u ] both cars were traveling at high speed., [ u ] they came …

The rate at which a computer or an internet connection operates and provides information

Usage examples:

Increase the speed of your computer with our new software., how do i verify my computer's cpu speed…

Speed translation into English

Speed: translate from English into Chinese

Translate speed into Chinese (Simplified)}
速度, 速, 速率, 快, 快慢, 驶, 奔驰, 驰, 驰行, 促进, 驰鹜, 翛然

Speed: translate from English into Dutch

Translate speed into Dutch}
Snelheid, Vaart, Versnelling, Tempo, Spoed, Haast, Amfetamine, Pep, Haast maken, Versnelling van auto, Zich spoeden

Speed: translate from English into French

Translate speed into French}
La rapidité, Vitesse, Rapidité, Allure, Promptitude, Lancer, Aller à toute allure, Aller à toute vitesse, Progrès

Speed: translate from English into German

Translate speed into German}
Geschwindigkeit, Speed, Tempo, Gang, Schnelligkeit, Fahrt, Schnelle, Sausen, Flitzen, Antreiben, Belichtungszeit, Rasanz, Lichtempfindlichkeit, Schnellmacher

Speed: translate from English into Hindi

Translate speed into Hindi}
रफ़्तार, गति, गति बढ़ाना, वेग, तेज़ी, चाल, संवेग, तेज़ी से चलना, जल्दी करना, सफल होना, सहायता देना, रफ़्तार

Speed: translate from English into Italian

Translate speed into Italian}
Velocità, Regime, Rapidità, Marcia, Sensibilità, Sfrecciare, Affrettarsi, Sollecitudine, Sveltezza, Tempo di apertura, Andare a tutta velocità

Speed: translate from English into Korean

Translate speed into Korean}
속도, 속력, 각성제, 빠름, 변속 기어, 급히 가다, 성공, 지속, 속도를 더하다, 급속하게 진행하다, 급속하게 작용하다, 급속하게 발생하다, 번영하다, 서두르게 하다, 성공시키다, 속력을 더하다, 달아나다

Speed: translate from English into Russian

Translate speed into Russian}
Скорость, Ускорять, Быстрота, Число оборотов, Спид, Скорость хода, Светочувствительность, Устанавливать скорость, Спешить, Идти поспешно, Торопить, Удача, Поторапливать, Преуспевать, Успех

Speed: translate from English into Spanish

Translate speed into Spanish}
Velocidad, Acelerar, Rapidez, Marcha, Prisa, Prontitud, Anfetamina, Apresurarse, Darse prisa, Droga estimulante, Conducir velozmente

Word origin

Old English spēd (noun), spēdan (verb), from the Germanic base of Old English spōwan ‘prosper, succeed’, a sense reflected in early usage.

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