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The meaning of Zoom

Zoom – definition


(of a camera or user) change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa.

Usage examples:

The camera zoomed in for a close-up of his face

Communicate with someone over the internet, typically by video chat, using the software application zoom.

Usage examples:

Most of us have probably zoomed, especially since the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay at…

A camera shot that changes smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa.

Usage examples:

As a result, instead of the clean visuals that typify the science fiction genre, we see lens flares…

Used to express sudden fast movement.

Usage examples:

Then suddenly, zoom!, he's off

Zoom translation into English

Zoom: translate from English into Chinese

Translate zoom into Chinese (Simplified)}
飞涨, 放大, 呜, 嗡嗡声

Zoom: translate from English into Dutch

Translate zoom into Dutch}
Zoom, Zoemen, Zomen, Omhoogschieten, Gonzen

Zoom: translate from English into French

Translate zoom into French}
Zoom, Bourdonnement, Bourdonner, Vrombir, Passer en trombe, Vrombissement, Montée en chandelle, Monter en flèche, Monter en chandelle

Zoom: translate from English into German

Translate zoom into German}
Zoomen, Zoom, Zoomobjektiv, Gummilinse, Sausen, Surren, Schweben, Wutschen, Dahinbrausen, Steilanstieg, Steil aufsteigen, Steil steigen, Steil hochreißen, Auf hochtouren laufen lassen, Steil hochziehen

Zoom: translate from English into Hindi

Translate zoom into Hindi}
ज़ूम, जूम, ज़ूम करना, भनभनाहट, गुनगनाहट

Zoom: translate from English into Italian

Translate zoom into Italian}
Ingrandisci, Zumata, Ronzio, Impennata, Rombo, Ronzare, Impennarsi

Zoom: translate from English into Korean

Translate zoom into Korean}
줌, 줌렌즈, 붕 소리, 상승, 붕 소리 내다, 물가의 급등, 비행기가 급상승하다, 물가 등이 급등하다, 자동차 등이 붕 소리 내며 달리다, 영상이 줌렌즈에 의해 급격히 확대되다, 영상이 줌렌즈에 의해 급격히 축소되다, 영상을 급격히 확대시키다, 영상을 급격히 축소 시키다, 비행기를 급 상승시키다

Zoom: translate from English into Russian

Translate zoom into Russian}
Зум, Увеличение изображения, Наезд, Горка, Свечка, Увеличивать изображение, Взмыть, Взлететь, Раскрывать, Распахивать, Зудить, Жужжать, Двигаться с гудением, Резко подняться, Издавать гул, Жужжание, Гудящий звук, Бесплатный, Делать 'горку' или 'свечку'

Zoom: translate from English into Spanish

Translate zoom into Spanish}
Zoom, Enfocar, Zumbar, Empinadura, Espinarse

Word origin

late 19th century: imitative.

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