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Wave – definition


Move one's hand to and fro in greeting or as a signal.

Usage examples:

He waved to me from the train

Move to and fro with a swaying motion while remaining fixed to one point.

Usage examples:

The flag waved in the wind

Style (hair) so that it curls slightly.

Usage examples:

Her hair had been carefully waved for the evening

A long body of water curling into an arched form and breaking on the shore.

Usage examples:

He was swept out to sea by a freak wave

A sudden occurrence of or increase in a phenomenon, feeling, or emotion.

Usage examples:

A wave of strikes had paralysed the government

A gesture or signal made by moving one's hand to and fro.

Usage examples:

He gave a little wave and walked off

A slightly curling lock of hair.

Usage examples:

His hair was drying in unruly waves

A periodic disturbance of the particles of a substance which may be propagated without net movement of the particles, such as in the passage of undulating motion, heat, or sound.

Usage examples:

Song production clearly involves some metabolic cost to a bird because energy is transmitted to the…

(physics) a movement up and down or back and forth

Wave translation into English

Wave: translate from English into Chinese

Translate wave into Chinese (Simplified)}
海浪, 波, 波浪, 浪, 波动, 浪潮, 挥动, 挥舞, 招手, 摇, 浪头, 袅袅, 挥, 飘舞, 阵, 舞动, 摇动, 摆动, 摆, 摆手, 飘扬, 荡, 飘荡, 舞弄, 汰, 漪, 发抖, 摆晃, 鼓翼而飞

Wave: translate from English into Dutch

Translate wave into Dutch}
Golf, Zwaaien, Golven, Wuiven, Golving, Vloedgolf, Golflijn, Baar, Aanvalsgolf, Opwelling, Wapperen, Wuivend gebaar, Uitbarsting, Zwaaien met, Gebaren, Gewuif, Doen golven, Onduleren, Vlammen, Toewuiven

Wave: translate from English into French

Translate wave into French}
Vague, Onde, Agiter, Saluer, Onduler, Brandir, Signe, Ondulation, Geste, Lame, Cran, Gesticuler, Faire un signe, Voltigement, Cranter, Trembler, Faire signe de la main, S'onduler

Wave: translate from English into German

Translate wave into German}
Welle, Winken, Schwenken, Woge, Wellen, Wink, Wehen, Schwingen, Wogen, Wedeln, Winken mit, Sich wellen, Herumfuchteln

Wave: translate from English into Hindi

Translate wave into Hindi}
हिलाना, लहर, वेव, तरंग, तरंग का, बड़ी लहर, लहराना, मौज, हिलोरें लेना, फहरना, घुंघराले होना, संकेत, इशारा

Wave: translate from English into Italian

Translate wave into Italian}
Onda, Ondata, Cenno, Sventolare, Agitare, Gesto, Ventata, Ondulazione, Ondeggiare, Ondulare, Sbandierare, Fare cenno, Brandire, Dimenare, Fare segno

Wave: translate from English into Korean

Translate wave into Korean}
파도, 웨이브, 물결, 파, 흔들기, 파동, 파상, 물결 무늬, 바다, 파문, 물, 흔들림, 변동, 기복, 높아짐, 고양, 흔드는 신호, 물밀 듯함, 발로, 결, 휘두르다, 날리다, 너울거림, 굽이침, 물결치다, 굽이치다, 너울거리다, 흔들리다, 펄럭이다, 웨이브로 되어 있다, 기복이 있다, 손을 흔들다, 흔들어 신호하다, 나부끼게 하다, 물결치게 하다, 굽이치게 하다, 물결 모양으로 하다, 웨이브를 하다

Wave: translate from English into Russian

Translate wave into Russian}
Волна, Волновой, Махать, Махнуть, Размахивать, Развеваться, Сигнал, Вал, Взмах, Завивка, Колебание, Подъем, Волнистость, Взмахнуть, Волноваться, Виться, Завивать, Махание, Атакующая цепь, Качаться, Размахаться, Завить, Подавать знак рукой

Wave: translate from English into Spanish

Translate wave into Spanish}
Ola, Onda, Agitar, Oleada, Ondear, Movimiento, Ondulación, Señal, Ademán, Ondular, Agitarse, Flotar, Blandir, Agitar el brazo, Hacer señales con la mano

Word origin

Old English wafian (verb), from the Germanic base of waver; the noun by alteration (influenced by the verb) of Middle English wawe ‘(sea) wave’.

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