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The meaning of Action

Action – definition


The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

Usage examples:

Ending child labour will require action on many levels

The way in which something works or moves.

Usage examples:

The weapon has a smooth action

Armed conflict.

Usage examples:

Servicemen listed as missing in action during the war

Take action on; deal with.

Usage examples:

Your request will be actioned

The process of doing something, or something done, esp. for a particular purpose

Usage examples:

[ u ] quick action in calling the fire department saved many lives., [ c ] it was a reckless action…

The process of doing something, especially in order to deal with a problem or difficult situation

Usage examples:

Take action (to do sth) the report urged industrialised nations to take further action to cut their…

Action translation into English

Action: translate from English into Chinese

Translate action into Chinese (Simplified)}
行动, 动作, 作用, 行为, 作为, 行径, 议案

Action: translate from English into Dutch

Translate action into Dutch}
Actie, Optreden, Werking, Handeling, Daad, Rechtsvordering, Werk, Proces, Treffen, Rechtszaak, Mechaniek, Gevecht, Verrichting, Aanklacht, Gedoe

Action: translate from English into French

Translate action into French}
Action, Effet, Activité, Conduite, Combat, Comportement, Procès, Mécanisme, Action de la pièce, Performance

Action: translate from English into German

Translate action into German}
Aktion, Wirkung, Maßnahme, Handeln, Klage, Handlung, Vorgehen, Tat, Vorgang, Einsatz, Kampf

Action: translate from English into Hindi

Translate action into Hindi}
गतिविधि, कार्रवाई, लड़ाई, कार्य, क्रिया, काम, अभियान, अमल, मुक़दमा, नालिश, अनुयोजन

Action: translate from English into Italian

Translate action into Italian}
Azione, Atto, Causa, Provvedimento, Gesto, Opera, Processo, Combattimento, Funzionamento, Fatto, Querela

Action: translate from English into Korean

Translate action into Korean}
동작, 행동, 작용, 활동, 행위, 작동, 소송, 움직임, 결정, 거동, 방책, 교전, 몸짓, 줄거리 전개, 가장 자극 있는 곳, 가장 흥미 있는 곳, 줄거리의 전개, 가장 활기있는 곳

Action: translate from English into Russian

Translate action into Russian}
Действие, Акция, Деятельность, Воздействие, Иск, Поступок, Результат, Эффект, Выступление, Поведение, Влияние, Бой, Работа, Сражение, Боевой, Судебный процесс, Следствие, Обвинение

Action: translate from English into Spanish

Translate action into Spanish}
Acción, Actuación, Medida, Demanda, Movimiento, Proceso, Funcionamiento, Mecanismo, Acto de servicio, Argumento, Intriga, Expediente

Word origin

late Middle English: via Old French from Latin actio(n- ), from agere ‘do, act’.

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