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The meaning of Slack

Slack – definition


(of business or trade) characterized by a lack of work or activity; quiet.

Usage examples:

Business was rather slack


Usage examples:

The veteran king of slack chat

(of a tide) neither ebbing nor flowing.

Usage examples:

Soon the water will become slack, and the tide will turn

The part of a rope or line which is not held taut; the loose or unused part.

Usage examples:

I picked up the rod and wound in the slack

A spell of inactivity or laziness.

Usage examples:

He slept deeply, refreshed by a little slack in the daily routine

Casual trousers.

Usage examples:

He put on a grey shirt and loose cotton slacks

Loosen (something, especially a rope).

Usage examples:

Slacking the outhaul allows you to adjust the sail

Work slowly or lazily.

Usage examples:

She ticked off her girls if they were slacking

Slake (lime).

Usage examples:

150 sacks of lime were slacked by the inrushing water

Coal dust or small pieces of coal.

Usage examples:

The fire was stoked with a mixture of slack and cement

Not tight; loose

Usage examples:

His jaw went slack, and he looked puzzled., the teachers are kind of slack about enforcing rules., …

If business or economic activity is slack, there is less activity than usual

Usage examples:

He wanted to sell some of his rental homes, but the region's slack economy stopped him., may was a …

Slack translation into English

Slack: translate from English into Chinese

Translate slack into Chinese (Simplified)}
松弛, 呆滞, 散漫, 淡, 煤渣, 怠, 自由散漫, 漏水的, 疏忽的, 松弛的, 痠懒, 痠软, 懈怠的

Slack: translate from English into Dutch

Translate slack into Dutch}
Slap, Speling, Verslappen, Slapte, Los, Traag, Laks, Vieren, Doodtij, Kruis, Treuzelen, Slabakken, Steenkoolgruis, Steenkolengruis, Slof, Maf, Loom, Doen afnemen, Luieren, Lijntrekken, Verwaarlozen, Lessen, Blussen

Slack: translate from English into French

Translate slack into French}
Mou, Se relâcher, Ballant, Relâché, Stagnation, Calme, Négligent, Desserrer, Stagnant, Poussier, Indolent, Réduire, Avec négligence, Négliger son travail, Se laisser aller, Pas sérieux

Slack: translate from English into German

Translate slack into German}
Locker, Schlaff, Lose, Nachlässig, Schwach, Flau, Träge, Erschlaffen, Leerlauf, Schleppend, Matt, Schlampig, Bummeln, Lustlos, Bequem, Durchhängendes teil, Gruß, Stier

Slack: translate from English into Hindi

Translate slack into Hindi}
निर्बल, सुस्त, ढीला, असावधान, लापरवाह, निष्क्रिय, रस्से का ढीला भाग, दलदला स्थान, दलदली जगह, दलदली भूमि, कमज़ोर करना, धीमा हो जाना, रोकना, पत्थर के कोयले की धर, मन्द, ख़ामोश हो जाना

Slack: translate from English into Italian

Translate slack into Italian}
Lento, Allentato, Fiacco, Rilassamento, Morto, Negligente, Stagnante, Pigro, Lasciare, Polvere di carbone, Periodo morto, Fare lavativo

Slack: translate from English into Korean

Translate slack into Korean}
느슨하게, 늦추다, 늘어진, 불경기, 아무렇게나 하다, 처진 부분, 게조, 한가로운 휴식, 건방짐, 느슨한 바지, 활발치 못하게, 불충분하게, 게을리하다, 소화하다, 느즈러지다, 늦어지다, 힘이 없는, 되는 대로의, 꾸물거리는, 활발치 못한, 충분히 말려지지 않은, 충분히 구워지지 않은, 소화된, 이완음의, 느슨함, 시각의 약음절

Slack: translate from English into Russian

Translate slack into Russian}
Вялый, Слабый, Слабина, Затишье, Зазор, Люфт, Несильный, Небрежный, Ослаблять, Медленный, Угольная пыль, Бездействие, Безделье, Расслабляющий, Ленивый, Медлительный, Неактивный, Расхлябанный, Ненатянутый, Слабонатянутый, Дряблый, Ослабнувшая слабина, Ослабнувшая веревка, Ненатянутость, Игра, Стоячая вода, Распускать, Слабнуть, Замедлять, Замедляться, Лодырничать, Бить баклуши, Утолять, Идти вяло, Гасить известь, Тушить кокс

Slack: translate from English into Spanish

Translate slack into Spanish}
Flojo, Parte floja, Estacionario, Gandulear

Word origin

late Middle English: probably from Low German or Dutch.

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