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The meaning of Recede

Recede – definition


Go or move back or further away from a previous position.

Usage examples:

The floodwaters had receded

(of a quality, feeling, or possibility) gradually diminish.

Usage examples:

The prospects of an early end to the war receded

(of a man's hair) cease to grow at the temples and above the forehead.

Usage examples:

His dark hair was receding a little

Recede translation into English

Recede: translate from English into Chinese

Translate recede into Chinese (Simplified)}
后退, 退, 归还

Recede: translate from English into Dutch

Translate recede into Dutch}
Wijken, Achteruitgaan, Terugwijken, Teruglopen, Inspringen, Zich verwijderen, Afgaan, Teruggaan

Recede: translate from English into French

Translate recede into French}
Reculer, Se retirer, Baisser, Disparaître, Refluer, Descendre, Revenir sur, Recéder, Se rétrocéder, S'évanouir, S'estomper, S'éloigner

Recede: translate from English into German

Translate recede into German}
Zurücktreten, Zurückgehen, Zurückweichen, Schwinden, Sich entfernen, Sich zurückbilden

Recede: translate from English into Hindi

Translate recede into Hindi}
दूर जाना, पीछे जाना, कम होना, पीछे हटना

Recede: translate from English into Italian

Translate recede into Italian}
Recedere, Ritirarsi, Allontanarsi, Svanire, Calare, Ritirare

Recede: translate from English into Korean

Translate recede into Korean}
움푹 들어가다, 감소하다, 가치 따위가 감소하다, 계약 따위에서 손을 떼다, 손을 떼다, 품질 따위가 감소하다, 물러나다

Recede: translate from English into Russian

Translate recede into Russian}
Отступать, Удаляться, Убывать, Отклоняться назад, Пятиться, Отказываться, Ретироваться, Идти на убыль, Отступать в прошлое, Приход, Быть срезанным, Быть покатым, Падать в цене, Возвращать захваченное

Recede: translate from English into Spanish

Translate recede into Spanish}
Alejarse, Bajar, Retroceder de, Desvanecerse para, Disminuir algo, Retirarse de

Word origin

late 15th century (in the sense ‘depart from a usual state or standard’): from Latin recedere, from re- ‘back’ + cedere ‘go’.

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