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The meaning of Reduce

Reduce – definition


Make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.

Usage examples:

The need for businesses to reduce costs

Bring someone or something to (a worse or less desirable state or condition).

Usage examples:

She has been reduced to near poverty

Change a substance to (a different or more basic form).

Usage examples:

It is difficult to understand how lava could have been reduced to dust

Cause to combine chemically with hydrogen.

Usage examples:

Hydrogen for reducing the carbon dioxide

Restore (a dislocated part of the body) to its proper position by manipulation or surgery.

Usage examples:

Joe's reducing a dislocated thumb

Besiege and capture (a town or fortress).

Usage examples:

Fortresses were redesigned to take advantage of the defensive potential of modern firearms and tech…

Make smaller


To make something less in size, amount, degree, importance, or price

Usage examples:

A low-fat diet can reduce the risk of heart disease., grunn employs 17,900 people, but that number …

To make something less in price, size, amount, etc.

Usage examples:

Reduce costs/prices the retailer moved its supply base overseas to reduce costs., reduce risk/debt/…

Reduce translation into English

Reduce: translate from English into Chinese

Translate reduce into Chinese (Simplified)}
减少, 降低, 缩小, 减低, 削减, 减, 缩减, 还原, 压缩, 简化, 裁减, 缩, 减免, 精简, 紧缩, 削, 减肥, 贬, 裁, 简约, 掉, 压紧, 脧, 杀

Reduce: translate from English into Dutch

Translate reduce into Dutch}
Verminderen, Verkleinen, Reduceren, Terugbrengen, Brengen, Herleiden, Inkrimpen, Zetten, Verjagen, Klein krijgen

Reduce: translate from English into French

Translate reduce into French}
Réduire, Diminuer, Restreindre, Résorber, Affaiblir, Se réduire, Rabaisser, Maigrir, Rétrograder, Se contracter, Se diminuer

Reduce: translate from English into German

Translate reduce into German}
Reduzieren, Verkleinern, Verringern, Senken, Vermindern, Mindern, Verkürzen, Kürzen, Herabsetzen, Abbauen, Beeinträchtigen, Einschränken, Schmälern, Mildern, Einsparen, Drosseln, Ermäßigen, Schwächen, Verlangsamen, Vereinfachen, Nachlassen, Verbilligen, Degradieren, Heruntersetzen, Zerlegen, Zurücksetzen, Ausdünnen, Mäßigen, Zusammenziehen

Reduce: translate from English into Hindi

Translate reduce into Hindi}
कम करना, क्रम में लेना, छोटा करना, अधीन करना, दुर्बल करना, बदलना, पतला करना, घटाना

Reduce: translate from English into Italian

Translate reduce into Italian}
Ridurre, Diminuire, Abbassare, Ridimensionare, Ribassare, Assottigliare, Sfoltire, Diradare, Scontare, Dimagrire, Degradare a soldato

Reduce: translate from English into Korean

Translate reduce into Korean}
줄이다, 묽게 하다, 줄다, 별 수 없이 이르게 하다, 원래의 상태로 하다, 강제로 이르게 하다, 어떤 상태에 별 수 없이 이르게 하다, 어떤 상태에 강제로 이르게 하다, 진압하다, 환산하다, 복위하다, 탈구 따위를 복위하다, 환원하다, 그림 물감을 묽게 하다, 페인트를 묽게 하다, 경감하다

Reduce: translate from English into Russian

Translate reduce into Russian}
Уменьшать, Уменьшить, Снижать, Сокращать, Сводить, Понижать, Редуцировать, Восстанавливать, Ослаблять, Приводить, Превращать, Редуцироваться, Измельчать, Похудеть, Покорять, Побеждать, Вызывать похудение, Понижать в должности, Приводить к общему знаменателю, Вправлять вывих, Раскислять

Reduce: translate from English into Spanish

Translate reduce into Spanish}
Reducir, Disminuir, Bajar, Reducirse, Rebajar, Aliviar, Menguar, Achicar, Adelgazar, Hervir y espesar, Espesarse, Tomar

Word origin

late Middle English: from Latin reducere, from re- ‘back, again’ + ducere ‘bring, lead’. The original sense was ‘bring back’ (hence ‘restore’, now surviving in reduce (sense 5)); this led to

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