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Wane – definition


(of the moon) have a progressively smaller part of its visible surface illuminated, so that it appears to decrease in size.

Usage examples:

Tory tried to see her reflection, but the moon was waning, the stars obscured by clouds.

(of a state or feeling) decrease in vigour or extent; become weaker.

Usage examples:

Confidence in the dollar waned

The amount by which a plank or log is bevelled or falls short of a squared shape.

Usage examples:

I cut the log into slabs without removing the outside wane

Wane translation into English

Wane: translate from English into Chinese

Translate wane into Chinese (Simplified)}
减弱, 没落, 亏缺, 衰败, 月亏, 变弱

Wane: translate from English into Dutch

Translate wane into Dutch}
Afnemen, Tanen, Dalen, Het afnemen, Kleiner worden

Wane: translate from English into French

Translate wane into French}
Décliner, Diminution, Être en déclin, Se diminuer

Wane: translate from English into German

Translate wane into German}
Schwinden, Nachlassen, Abnehmen, Sinken, Abflauen, Erlahmen, Verblassen, Erschlaffen

Wane: translate from English into Hindi

Translate wane into Hindi}
पतन, कम होना, उतरना, घटना, अधोगति, क्षीण होना, चंद घटना, अवनति, क्षय, कमी, घटाव

Wane: translate from English into Italian

Translate wane into Italian}
Svanire, Declino, Diminuire, Calare, Declinare, Tramontare, Decrescere, Decrescenza

Wane: translate from English into Korean

Translate wane into Korean}
쇠미, 감퇴, 감소, 이울다, 끝장, 종말, 쇠약해지다, 약해지다, 적어지다, 감퇴하다, 작아지다, 이지러지다, 끝판이 가까워지다, 죽더끼널판, 이지러짐

Wane: translate from English into Russian

Translate wane into Russian}
Ослабевать, Уменьшаться, Убывать, Спад, Убывание, Упадок, Убыть, Идти на убыль, Быть на ущербе, Падать, Подходить к концу

Wane: translate from English into Spanish

Translate wane into Spanish}
Menguar, Declinar

Word origin

mid 17th century: from wane1.

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