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The meaning of Slacken


Slacken – definition


Make or become slack.

Usage examples:

He slackened his grip

Become slow or slower


To loosen something, or to become loose

Usage examples:

[ i ] his muscles slackened under the steaming shower., [ t ] let’s slacken our pace a little.

To become gradually less strong or slower, or to make something do this

Usage examples:

The overall pace of growth slackened., the message from retailers is that spending has slackened of…

To (cause to) become loose

Usage examples:

Slacken the reins or you'll hurt the horse's mouth.

To (cause to) become slower or less active

Usage examples:

He stooped to pick it up, without slackening his pace (= without walking more slowly)., the pace of…

Slacken translation into English

Slacken: translate from English into Chinese

Translate slacken into Chinese (Simplified)}
放松, 松懈, 松开, 松, 放慢, 弛, 缓服兵役

Slacken: translate from English into Dutch

Translate slacken into Dutch}
Verslappen, Verminderen, Vertragen, Afnemen, Vieren, Slap worden, Doen verslappen, Verflauwen, Doen afnemen

Slacken: translate from English into French

Translate slacken into French}
Ralentir, Se relâcher, Lâcher, Affaiblir

Slacken: translate from English into German

Translate slacken into German}
Lockern, Entspannen, Nachlassen, Erschlaffen, Verringern, Vermindern, Sich lockern, Abflauen

Slacken: translate from English into Hindi

Translate slacken into Hindi}
शिथिल करना, कम करना, मंद करना, ढीला करना, मन्द करना, निर्बल करना, सुस्त या शिथिल होना

Slacken: translate from English into Italian

Translate slacken into Italian}
Allentare, Rallentare, Allentarsi, Diminuire, Mollare, Calare, Moderarsi, Placarsi

Slacken: translate from English into Korean

Translate slacken into Korean}
늦추다, 감소시키다, 게을리하다, 느슨해지다, 늘어지다, 늦어지다

Slacken: translate from English into Russian

Translate slacken into Russian}
Ослабить, Ослаблять, Слабеть, Замедлять, Понежиться, Слабнуть

Slacken: translate from English into Spanish

Translate slacken into Spanish}
Aflojar, Aflojarse, Reducirse por, Disminuir para, Echarse

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