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The meaning of Offhand

Offhand – definition


Ungraciously or offensively nonchalant or cool in manner.

Usage examples:

You were a bit offhand with her this afternoon

Now, without looking for information or without taking the time to consider carefully

Usage examples:

I can’t tell you the exact number offhand, but it was something like $25,000., offhand remarks, his…

Offhand translation into English

Offhand: translate from English into Chinese

Translate offhand into Chinese (Simplified)}
副手, 不加思索, 临时, 即席, 一时, 好不客气的

Offhand: translate from English into Dutch

Translate offhand into Dutch}
Onvoorbereid, Hooghartig, Op staande voet, Op stel en sprong, Ineens, Voor de vuist weg, Voor de vuist

Offhand: translate from English into French

Translate offhand into French}
Désinvolte, Dégagé, Cavalier

Offhand: translate from English into German

Translate offhand into German}
Nebenbei, Lässig, Freihändig, Brüsk, Schnoddrig

Offhand: translate from English into Hindi

Translate offhand into Hindi}
बेतकल्लुफ़, इसी समय, तुरंत, एकदम, इसी दम, शिष्टाचार-रहित, तुरत-फुरत शेर कहा हुआ, इसी वक़्त, बिना सोचे विचारे

Offhand: translate from English into Italian

Translate offhand into Italian}
Disinvolto, Improvvisato, Estemporaneo, Lì per lì, Brusco, Spontaneo, Estemporaneamente, Secco, Senza cerimonie, In modo spiccio, All'improvviso

Offhand: translate from English into Korean

Translate offhand into Korean}
아무렇게나, 서서 하는, 아무렇게나 하는, 선 채로, 즉석에서, 즉시의, 즉석의

Offhand: translate from English into Russian

Translate offhand into Russian}
Навскидку, Экспромтом, Бесцеремонно, Без подготовки, Тотчас, Импровизированный, Импровизированно, Бесцеремонный, Сделанный экспромтом, Сделанный без подготовки

Offhand: translate from English into Spanish

Translate offhand into Spanish}
De improviso, Brusco, Informal, Descortés, Sin pensarlo, Poco ceremonioso

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