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The meaning of Body

Body – definition


The physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal.

Usage examples:

It's important to keep your body in good condition

The main section of a motor vehicle or aircraft.

Usage examples:

The factory had produced more car bodies than needed

The main or central part of something, especially a building or text.

Usage examples:

The main body of the house was built in 1625

A large amount or collection of something.

Usage examples:

A rich body of canadian folklore

A material object.

Usage examples:

The path taken by the falling body

A full or substantial quality of flavour in wine.

Usage examples:

Best of all, this wine has body and finish

A woman's close-fitting stretch garment for the upper body, fastening at the crotch.


(in pottery) a clay used for making the main part of ceramic ware, as distinct from a glaze.

Usage examples:

In siraj's ceramics, this body is in clay, bearing several forms and colours within it.

Give material form to something abstract.

Usage examples:

He bodied forth the traditional prussian remedy for all ills

Build the bodywork of (a motor vehicle).

Usage examples:

An era when automobiles were bodied over wooden frames

Body translation into English

Body: translate from English into Chinese

Translate body into Chinese (Simplified)}
身体, 体, 机身, 身, 物体, 机关, 肉体, 肌体, 人身, 形, 支架, 组, 班

Body: translate from English into Dutch

Translate body into Dutch}
Lichaam, Lijf, Carrosserie, Lijk, Romp, Kern, Hoofdbestanddeel, Hoofdmacht

Body: translate from English into French

Translate body into French}
Corps, Organisme, Carrosserie, Ensemble, Body, Masse, Cadavre, Fuselage, Tronc, Coque, Bloc, Fond, Corsage, Nef, Bonhomme

Body: translate from English into German

Translate body into German}
Karosserie, Körper, Body, Leib, Organ, Gremium, Leiche, Körperschaft, Leichnam, Rumpf, Mensch, Substanz, Festigkeit, Stärke, Gruppe

Body: translate from English into Hindi

Translate body into Hindi}
तन, शरीर, निकाय, देह, संस्था, शव, काया, समिति, जिस्म, अंग, समुदाय, जनाज़ा, प्रधान भाग, डील-डौल

Body: translate from English into Italian

Translate body into Italian}
Corpo, Organismo, Organo, Carrozzeria, Cadavere, Fisico, Struttura, Massa, Salma, Persona, Entità, Tronco, Busto, Fusoliera, Corporazione

Body: translate from English into Korean

Translate body into Korean}
신체, 몸, 몸통, 덩어리, 몸뚱이, 주요부, 신상, 사람, 주력, 떼, 밀도, 실질, 점성, 형해, 대부분, 동, 생바탕

Body: translate from English into Russian

Translate body into Russian}
Тело, Корпус, Кузов, Организация, Труп, Туловище, Масса, Плоть, Человек, Основная часть, Главная часть, Остов, Консистенция, Фюзеляж, Ствол, Станина, Юридическое лицо, Крепость, Стакан, Лиф, Корпорация, Воплощать, Придавать форму, Кроющая способность, Ствольная коробка, Корсаж, Реторта, Воинская часть, Большое количество, Главный корабль, Перегонный куб, Распар домны, Сравнительная плотность, Группа, Большинство, Группа людей, Bodice

Body: translate from English into Spanish

Translate body into Spanish}
Cuerpo, Organismo, Cadáver, Conjunto, Masa, Ente, Caja, Tronco, Fuselaje, Bastidor, Sólido, Casco, Parte principal, Gremio, Persona, Dar cuerpo a, Representar, Recopilación, Nave

Word origin

Old English bodig, of unknown origin.

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