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The meaning of Hull

Hull – definition


The main body of a ship or other vessel, including the bottom, sides, and deck but not the masts, superstructure, rigging, engines, and other fittings.

Usage examples:

The main structural bulkhead supports the hull sides at the chain plates and the cabin top at the m…

The outer covering of a fruit or seed, especially the pod of peas and beans, or the husk of grain.

Usage examples:

Four grams of embryos (achenes without hull and seed coat) were homogenized and oil was extracted i…

Hit and pierce the hull of (a ship) with a missile.

Usage examples:

The ship was being hulled and all would die

Remove the hulls from (fruit, seeds, or grain).

Usage examples:

First, rinse and hull the berries
proper noun

A city and port in north-eastern england, situated at the junction of the hull and humber rivers; population 263,000 (est. 2009).


The body or frame of a ship, most of which lies under the water

Hull translation into English

Hull: translate from English into Chinese

Translate hull into Chinese (Simplified)}
船体, 船壳

Hull: translate from English into Dutch

Translate hull into Dutch}
Romp, Schil, Casco, Scheepsromp, Omhulsel, Bodem, Schaal, Huls, Pellen, Pel, Schillen, Dop

Hull: translate from English into French

Translate hull into French}
Coque, Cosse, Décortiquer, Écosser, Percer

Hull: translate from English into German

Translate hull into German}
Rumpf, Schiffskörper, Schiffsrumpf, Hülse, Körper, Schälen, Schote, Spelze, Entstielen, Enthülsen, Blättchen

Hull: translate from English into Hindi

Translate hull into Hindi}
पतवार, हल्ल, छिलका, खोल

Hull: translate from English into Italian

Translate hull into Italian}
Scafo, Carena, Guscio, Baccello, Sgranare

Hull: translate from English into Korean

Translate hull into Korean}
선체, 외피, 덮개, 정체

Hull: translate from English into Russian

Translate hull into Russian}
Корпус, Остов, Каркас, Фюзеляж, Шелуха, Скорлупа, Шелушить, Лущить, Очищать от шелухи

Hull: translate from English into Spanish

Translate hull into Spanish}
Cáscara, Descascarar

Word origin

Old English hulu, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch huls, German Hülse ‘husk, pod’, and German Hülle ‘covering’, also to heel3.

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