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The meaning of Bones


Bones – definition


Any of the pieces of hard whitish tissue making up the skeleton in humans and other vertebrates.

Usage examples:

His injuries included many broken bones

The calcified material of which bones consist.

Usage examples:

An earring of bone

The basic or essential framework of something.

Usage examples:

You need to put some flesh on the bones of your idea

Remove the bones from (meat or fish) before cooking, serving, or selling.

Usage examples:

Ask your butcher to bone the turkey for you

Study (a subject) intensively, typically in preparation for something.

Usage examples:

She boned up on languages she had learned long ago

Have sex with (someone).

Bones translation into English

Bones: translate from English into Chinese

Translate bones into Chinese (Simplified)}
骨头, 骨, 骨法

Bones: translate from English into Dutch

Translate bones into Dutch}
Botten, Bot, Been, Graat, Uitbenen, Knok, Balein, Ontgraten, Bonk, Baleinen zetten in

Bones: translate from English into French

Translate bones into French}
Des os, Os, Arête, Squelette, Désosser, Ivoire, Corps, Piquer

Bones: translate from English into German

Translate bones into German}
Knochen, Gebeine, Knöchel, Würfel

Bones: translate from English into Hindi

Translate bones into Hindi}
हड्डियाँ, हड्डी

Bones: translate from English into Italian

Translate bones into Italian}
Ossa, Ossatura

Bones: translate from English into Korean

Translate bones into Korean}
뼈, 골자, 본즈, 주사위, 살이 조금 붙어 있는 뼈, 시체, 뼈처럼 생긴 것, 뼈 상아 등으로 만든 물건, 열심히 공부하는 사람, 열심히 공부하는 학생, 줄의 맨 끝에 있는 사람

Bones: translate from English into Russian

Translate bones into Russian}
Кости, Человек, Домино

Bones: translate from English into Spanish

Translate bones into Spanish}
Huesos, Cuerpo, Dados, Tarreñas

Word origin

Old English bān, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch been and German Bein .

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