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The meaning of Area

Area – definition


The extent or measurement of a surface or piece of land.

Usage examples:

The area of a triangle

A subject or range of activity or interest.

Usage examples:

The key areas of science

A sunken enclosure giving access to the basement of a building.

Usage examples:

The area steps

A part of the earth’s surface of land and water, or a particular part of a country, city, town, etc.

Usage examples:

An industrial/suburban/mountainous area, this area of the brain is called the cerebral cortex., his…

A particular part of a place, piece of land, or country

Usage examples:

This is an area of the city where 48% of the properties are rental properties., our goal is to grow…

Area translation into English

Area: translate from English into Chinese

Translate area into Chinese (Simplified)}
区域, 区, 地区, 面积, 领域, 范围, 地方, 地域, 带, 境, 空地

Area: translate from English into Dutch

Translate area into Dutch}
Oppervlakte, Gebied, Ruimte, Terrein, Areaal, Vlakte, Vlakteïnhoud

Area: translate from English into French

Translate area into French}
Région, Zone, Domaine, Surface, Aire, Superficie, Étendue, Sphère, Circonscription, Cercle, Courette

Area: translate from English into German

Translate area into German}
Bereich, Gebiet, Gegend, Fläche, Raum, Umkreis, Zone, Feld, Teil, Revier, Größe, Flächeninhalt, Landstrich, Umfang, Sparte

Area: translate from English into Hindi

Translate area into Hindi}
क्षेत्र, क्षेत्रफल, धरातल, चौरस भूमि, क्षेत्रीय, प्रदेश, इलाका

Area: translate from English into Italian

Translate area into Italian}
La zona, Zona, Area, Settore, Quartiere, Luogo, Distretto

Area: translate from English into Korean

Translate area into Korean}
지역, 면적, 범위, 기억 영역, 지면, 지하실 입구, 대뇌 피질부

Area: translate from English into Russian

Translate area into Russian}
Область, Площадь, Зона, Участок, Сфера, Поверхность, Пространство, Ареал, Край, Свободное пространство, Размах, Дворик ниже уровня улицы, Ограниченное поле

Area: translate from English into Spanish

Translate area into Spanish}
Área, Zona, Superficie, Región, Esfera, Patio, Distrito postal, Pago

Word origin

mid 16th century (in the sense ‘space allocated for a specific purpose’): from Latin, literally ‘vacant piece of level ground’.

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