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The meaning of Proportion

Proportion – definition


A part, share, or number considered in comparative relation to a whole.

Usage examples:

The proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is rising

Adjust or regulate (something) so that it has a particular or suitable relationship to something else.

Usage examples:

A life after death in which happiness can be proportioned to virtue

A part or share of the whole, or the relationship between one thing and another in size, amount, or degree

Usage examples:

[ c ] the proportion of the population that is over 65 has been growing., [ pl ] the occurrence of …

The number or amount of part of something when compared to the whole

Usage examples:

Boost/increase the proportion of sth he pledged to boost the group's proportion of home sales from …

Proportion translation into English

Proportion: translate from English into Chinese

Translate proportion into Chinese (Simplified)}
部分, 比例, 比重, 率, 面积, 规模

Proportion: translate from English into Dutch

Translate proportion into Dutch}
Proportie, Verhouding, Evenredigheid, Afmeting, Afmeten, Afwegen, Evenredig maken

Proportion: translate from English into French

Translate proportion into French}
Proportion, Part, Partie, Pourcentage, Prorata, Proportionner, Dimension, Se proportionner

Proportion: translate from English into German

Translate proportion into German}
Anteil, Verhältnis, Proportion, Teil, Quote, Ausmaß, Gleichmaß

Proportion: translate from English into Hindi

Translate proportion into Hindi}
अनुपात, समानुपात, तुलना, अनुरूप, सममिति

Proportion: translate from English into Italian

Translate proportion into Italian}
Proporzione, Misura, Ragione, Proporzionare

Proportion: translate from English into Korean

Translate proportion into Korean}
비율, 비례, 균형, 크기, 나눈 몫, 비준, 균형 잡히게 하다

Proportion: translate from English into Russian

Translate proportion into Russian}
Пропорция, Доля, Часть, Пропорциональность, Количественное соотношение, Соразмерность, Пропорциональный, Количественное отношение, Правильное соотношение, Распределять, Соразмерять, Тройное правило

Proportion: translate from English into Spanish

Translate proportion into Spanish}
Proporción, Parte, Proporcionar, Dosificar, Adecuar, Determinar las dimensiones de

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French, from Latin proportio(n- ), from pro portione ‘in respect of (its or a person's) share’.

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