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The meaning of Trip

Trip – definition


Catch one's foot on something and stumble or fall.

Usage examples:

He tripped over his cat

Walk, run, or dance with quick light steps.

Usage examples:

They tripped up the terrace steps

Activate (a mechanism), especially by contact with a switch, catch, or other electrical device.

Usage examples:

Somebody tripped the alarm

Release and raise (an anchor) from the seabed by means of a cable.

Usage examples:

During the hustle of everyone getting underway someone tripped the anchor that we used to stabilize…

Experience hallucinations induced by taking a psychedelic drug, especially lsd.

Usage examples:

A couple of boys were tripping

Go on a short journey.

Usage examples:

When tripping through the yukon take some time to explore our museums

A journey or excursion, especially for pleasure.

Usage examples:

Sammy's gone on a school trip

A stumble or fall due to catching one's foot on something.

Usage examples:

Trips and falls cause nearly half of all accidents

A hallucinatory experience caused by taking a psychedelic drug, especially lsd.

Usage examples:

Acid trips

A device that activates or disconnects a mechanism, circuit, etc.

Usage examples:

A trip mechanism

A light, lively movement of a person's feet.

Usage examples:

Yonder comes dalinda; i know her by her trip

A flock or group of goats, sheep, or other animals.

Usage examples:

She exchanged her cows for a trip of goats

A small flock of wildfowl.

Usage examples:

A small trip of dotterel alighted on the cricket field

Miss a step and fall or nearly fall

Trip translation into English

Trip: translate from English into Chinese

Translate trip into Chinese (Simplified)}
旅行, 旅, 旅程, 旅游, 趟, 绊, 踬, 羇, 跲, 征, 蹈

Trip: translate from English into Dutch

Translate trip into Dutch}
Reis, Struikelen, Tocht, Uitstapje, Toer, Fout, Toertje, Trippelen, Misstap, Struikeling, Huppelen, Fout begaan

Trip: translate from English into French

Translate trip into French}
Voyage, Trébucher, Excursion, Sortie, Parcours, Faire un voyage, Faux pas, Danser, Faire tomber, Butter, Lapsus, Faire un faux pas, Marteau à bascule, Rafle, Mettre en marche, Erreur, Marcher d'un pas léger, Faire un croche-pied

Trip: translate from English into German

Translate trip into German}
Reise, Trip, Fahrt, Ausflug, Tour, Exkursion, Fehler, Stolpern, Trippeln, Bein stellen, Straucheln, Beinstellen, Tänzeln, Einen fehler machen, Tippeln

Trip: translate from English into Hindi

Translate trip into Hindi}
यात्रा, सैर, लड़खड़ाहट, भ्रमण फेरा

Trip: translate from English into Italian

Translate trip into Italian}
Viaggio, Inciampare, Gita, Giro, Escursione, Corsa, Saltellare, Far inciampare, Fare lo sgambetto, Passo falso, Camminare leggero, Andatura a balzi, Missione

Trip: translate from English into Korean

Translate trip into Korean}
여행, 환각, 시동 장치, 과실, 체포, 환각 기간, 헛디딤, 경쾌한 걸음걸이, 바람을 비스듬히 앞으로 받아 배를 빗나가게 하기, 한 항해의 어획고, 환각의 경험, 고강도 특수강의, 강연성 특수강의, 걸려 넘어지다, 과오를 범하다, 경쾌한 걸음걸이로 걷다, 경쾌한 걸음걸이로 춤추다, 앞뒤가 안맞는 말을 하다, 환각 증상에 빠지다, 딴 죽걸다, 경쾌하게 춤추다, 당겨 해저에서 떼다, 멈추개를 벗기다

Trip: translate from English into Russian

Translate trip into Russian}
Путешествие, Поездка, Экскурсия, Рейс, Ошибка, Подножка, Защелка, Спотыкание, Падение, Спотыкаться, Ставить подножку, Ложный шаг, Расцепляющее устройство, Бежать вприпрыжку, Выворачивать из грунта, Быстрая легкая походка, Легкий шаг, Обмолвка, Ляпсус, Галлюцинирование, Идти быстро и легко, Падать, Подставить ножку, Делать ложный шаг, Ошибиться, Обмолвиться, Запутывать, Сбивать с толку, Уличить во лжи, Галлюцинировать, Совершать экскурсию, Отправляться в путешествие, Расцеплять, Сцеплять, Выключать, Опрокидывать, Состав

Trip: translate from English into Spanish

Translate trip into Spanish}
Viaje, Tropiezo, Disparo, Hacer tropezar, Excursión, Paseo, Tropezón, Zancadilla, Caer, Traspié, Coger, Andar, Hacer caer, Marchar, Desliz, Trinquete, Equivocarse, Hacer una zancadilla, Ir con pasos, Tropezar por, Dar un tropezón, Hacer una falta, Dar de viaje, Bailar a paso ligero, Correr saltando

Word origin

Middle English: of unknown origin; perhaps related to troop.

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