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The meaning of Topple


Topple – definition


To lean forward and fall

Usage examples:

[ t ] a large tree was toppled by the wind., [ t ] the government toppled after several large publi…

To remove a person or organization from a position of power

Usage examples:

This was a secret bid to topple the chairman and take his job., their aim was to topple the superma…

Topple translation into English

Topple: translate from English into Chinese

Translate topple into Chinese (Simplified)}
推翻, 倒, 倾覆

Topple: translate from English into Dutch

Translate topple into Dutch}
Omvallen, Kantelen, Tuimelen

Topple: translate from English into French

Translate topple into French}
Renverser, Basculer, Faire tomber, Se renverser, Faire basculer, Vaciller

Topple: translate from English into German

Translate topple into German}
Stürzen, Kippen, Fallen, Umstürzen, Wackeln, Gestürzt werden

Topple: translate from English into Hindi

Translate topple into Hindi}
गिर पड़ना, लटपटाना, नीचे गिर पड़ना

Topple: translate from English into Italian

Translate topple into Italian}
Rovesciare, Far cadere, Cadere, Crollare, Traballare, Star a cadere

Topple: translate from English into Korean

Translate topple into Korean}
전복, 넘어질 듯 근들거리다, 근들거리게 하다

Topple: translate from English into Russian

Translate topple into Russian}
Опрокидывать, Опрокидываться, Падать, Валиться, Грозить падением

Topple: translate from English into Spanish

Translate topple into Spanish}
Derrocar, Derribar, Tumbar, Caerse, Venirse abajo, Hacer caer, Perder el equilibrio, Tambalearse por, Volcar dentro

Word origin

mid 16th century (in the sense ‘tumble about’): frequentative of top1.

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