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The meaning of Drive


Drive – definition


Operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle.

Usage examples:

He got into his car and drove off

Propel or carry along by force in a specified direction.

Usage examples:

The wind will drive you onshore

Urge or force (animals or people) to move in a specified direction.

Usage examples:

They drove a flock of sheep through the centre of the city

(of a source of power) provide the energy to set and keep (an engine or piece of machinery) in motion.

Usage examples:

A two-litre engine drives the front wheels

(of a fact or feeling) compel (someone) to act in a particular way, especially one that is considered undesirable or inappropriate.

Usage examples:

He was driven by ambition

A trip or journey in a car.

Usage examples:

They went for a drive in the country

An innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need.

Usage examples:

Emotional and sexual drives

An organized effort by a number of people to achieve a purpose.

Usage examples:

A recruitment drive by the police

The transmission of power to machinery or to the wheels of a motor vehicle.

Usage examples:

He experimented with chain drive to run the propeller

(in ball games) a forceful stroke made with a free swing of the bat, racket, or foot against the ball.

Usage examples:

A hard drive to left field

An act of driving a group of animals to a particular destination.

Usage examples:

Cattle were no longer taken on long drives, but were delivered by rail

To travel in a motor vehicle, esp. as the person who operates it

Usage examples:

[ t ] we drove 40 miles to visit my aunt., [ i ] she drove through pennsylvania to ohio., [ i ] she…

To cause or influence something

Usage examples:

Be driven by sth the country needs to shift from export-led growth to growth driven by domestic dem…

Drive translation into English

Drive: translate from English into Chinese

Translate drive into Chinese (Simplified)}
驾驶, 驱动, 传动, 带动, 驾车, 驱, 激励, 驾, 赶, 行车, 驶, 劲头, 驾驭, 御, 驭, 劲, 逼, 逼迫, 驱遣, 精神, 逼勒, 驱动器

Drive: translate from English into Dutch

Translate drive into Dutch}
Drijfveer, Drijven, Rit, Besturen, Oprit, Oprijlaan, Autorijden, Aandrijven, Slag, Auto rijden, Rijtoer, Drijfjacht, Oprij, Mennen, Inrij, Voortdrijven, Afjagen, Drijfjacht houden

Drive: translate from English into French

Translate drive into French}
Conduire, Drive, Entraîner, Promenade, Pousser, Conduite, Attaque, Commander, Actionner, Pulsion, Marche, Dynamisme, Impulser, Animer, Faire fonctionner, Allée, Emmener, Impulsion, Énergie, Conduire une voiture, Courir, Entrain, Avenue, Pédaler, Se rouler, Faire une promenade, Faire obliger, Coup droit

Drive: translate from English into German

Translate drive into German}
Fahrt, Fahren, Antrieb, Laufwerk, Treiben, Antreiben, Steuern, Führen, Bringen, Lenken, Jagen, Trieb, Getriebe, Drang, Anfahrt, Auffahrt, Ausfahrt, Zufahrt, Zwingen, Tatkraft, Tour, Hetzen, Bohren, Befördern, Impetus, Karren

Drive: translate from English into Hindi

Translate drive into Hindi}
चलाना, ड्राइव, अभियान, सैर, गाड़ी चलाना, आंदोलन, हांकना, ठोंकना, बाध्य करना, कार द्वारा जाना, आना-जाना, बाहन-द्वारा ले जाना, ढकेलना

Drive: translate from English into Italian

Translate drive into Italian}
Viaggio, Guidare, Guida, Trazione, Drive, Comando, Condurre, Portare, Azionare, Spingere, Andare, Comandare, Spinta, Impulso, Ridurre, Muovere, Giro, Accompagnare, Avanzare, Piantare, Far funzionare, Sospingere, Conficcare, Infiggere, Mandare, Ficcare, Andare in auto, Andare in automobile, Mordente

Drive: translate from English into Korean

Translate drive into Korean}
운전하다, 드라이브, 거리, 구동 장치, 드라이브 길, 몰다, 박력, 염가 방매, 불어 보내다, 해내다, 뿌리다, 박다, 흐름, 몰아댐, 기분좋은 상태, ...하는 수 없이 ...하게 하다, ...하는 수 억지로...하게 하다, 조종하다, 운전시키다, 강타하다, 차를 몰다, 차를 부리다, 차를 운전하다, 질주하다, 돌진하다, 열심히 노력하다, 공을 쳐 보내다, 갱도를 파다, 방목 가축을 몰아모으다, ...할 작정이다

Drive: translate from English into Russian

Translate drive into Russian}
Водить машину, Драйв, Привод, Управлять, Ездить, Дисковод, Ехать, Вести, Передача, Езда, Дорога, Гнать, Стимул, Побуждение, Гонка, Погонять, Гонять, Удар, Напористость, Приводить, Прогулка, Управлять автомобилем, Вбивать, Подъездная аллея, Погнать, Общественная кампания, Атака, Разъезжать, Подъездной путь, Катание, Спешка, Плоский удар, Прогонять, Доводить, Преследование, Энергичное наступление, Тенденция, Переутомлять, Проводить, Большая энергия, Продажа по низким ценам, Сплав леса, Штрек, Развозить, Делать удар, Приводить в движение, Нестись, Быстро двигаться, Вколачивать, Вынуждать, Перегружать работой, Преследовать, Прокладывать, Отбивать драйвом, Править, Совершать

Drive: translate from English into Spanish

Translate drive into Spanish}
Conducir, Drive, Empujar, Manejar, Impulso, Viaje, Paseo, Empuje, Avance, Dinamismo, Energía, Dirigir, Viajar, Llevar, Ataque, Guiar, Mover, Batida, Hacer, Clavar, Hincar, Transportar, Pasearse, Atacar, Forzar, Batir, Impeler, Provocar, Abrir, Perforar, Volver en, Hacer trabajar, Hacer sudar, Pasearse en coche, Golpear, Introducir a la fuerza, Llevar en coche, Desesperar, Estar lloviendo, Asestar, Golpe fuerte, Practicar, Construir, Dar un paseo en coche, Denunciar

Word origin

Old English drīfan ‘urge (a person or animal) to go forward’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch drijven and German treiben .

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