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The meaning of Travel

Travel – definition


Go from one place to another, typically over a distance of some length.

Usage examples:

The vessel had been travelling from libya to ireland

(of an object or radiation) move, typically in a constant or predictable way.

Usage examples:

Light travels faster than sound

Take more than the allowed number of steps (typically two) while holding the ball without dribbling it.


The action of travelling.

Usage examples:

My job involves a lot of travel

The range, rate, or mode of motion of a part of a machine.

Usage examples:

Two proximity switches detect when the valve has reached the end of its travel

To go from one place to another on a trip, usually over a long distance

Usage examples:

[ i ] the train was traveling (at) about 100 miles an hour., [ t ] i travel long distances as part …

To go from one place to another, especially over a long distance, in a plane, train, car, etc.

Usage examples:

The ability to travel easily in and out of the region is a significant factor for professionals doi…

Travel translation into English

Travel: translate from English into Chinese

Translate travel into Chinese (Simplified)}
旅行, 旅游, 行程, 游, 行驶, 旅, 行, 遨游, 游历, 跋, 遨, 羇, 迋

Travel: translate from English into Dutch

Translate travel into Dutch}
Reis, Reizen, Slag, Beweging, Reisbeschrijving, Afreizen, Vervoeren, Zich verplaatsen, Zich voortplanten, Zich bewegen

Travel: translate from English into French

Translate travel into French}
Voyager, Voyage, Déplacer, Parcourir, Déplacement, Aller, Visiter, Faire un voyage

Travel: translate from English into German

Translate travel into German}
Reisen, Reise, Wandern, Fliegen, Sich fortpflanzen

Travel: translate from English into Hindi

Translate travel into Hindi}
यात्रा करना, यात्रा, सफ़र, सफ़र करना, यात्रा का रचना, यात्रा होना

Travel: translate from English into Italian

Translate travel into Italian}
Viaggiare, Viaggi, Viaggio, Percorrere, Spostarsi, Andare, Il viaggiare, Fare rappresentante, Transitare

Travel: translate from English into Korean

Translate travel into Korean}
여행하다, 여행, 진행, 왕래, 가다, 움직여 가다, 황급히 걷다, 몰다, 가지고 갈 수 있다, 여행하기, 순회 판매하다, 전도되다, 차례로 옮아가다, 풀을 뜯어 먹으며 나아가다, 성큼성큼 걷다, 여행을 하다, 여행하여 지나가다

Travel: translate from English into Russian

Translate travel into Russian}
Путешествовать, Путешествие, Ход, Ездить, Ехать, Перемещаться, Передвигаться, Движение, Дорожный, Двигаться, Подача, Длина хода, Вояж, Продвижение, Распространяться, Перебирать, Ездить в качестве коммивояжера, Выдерживать перевозку, Проездить, Описание путешествия

Travel: translate from English into Spanish

Translate travel into Spanish}
Viajar, Viajes, De viajes, Viaje, Llegar, De viaje, Recorrido, De viajar, Recorrer, Desplazarse, Turismo, Hacer, De recorrido, De turismo, Moverse, Caminar, Ocio, Pasear, Marchar, De ocio, Descanso, Juerga, Dar un paseo, Hacer movimientos, Poderse transportar, Ser viajante, Extenderse, Cubrir, Tener, Correr

Word origin

Middle English: a variant of travail, and originally in the same sense.

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