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The meaning of Rushed

Rushed – definition


Done or completed too hurriedly; hasty.

Usage examples:

A rushed job

Dash towards (someone or something) in an attempt to attack or capture.

Usage examples:

To rush the bank and fire willy-nilly could be disastrous for everyone

Entertain (a new student) in order to assess suitability for membership of a college fraternity or sorority.


Make (a customer) pay a particular amount, especially an excessive one.

Usage examples:

How much did they rush you for this heap?

Done in a hurry, or feeling that you must do something quickly

Usage examples:

Supper was rushed since the family had to go out that evening., i allowed plenty of time and didn't…

Rushed translation into English

Rushed: translate from English into Chinese

Translate rushed into Chinese (Simplified)}
冲, 贸然的

Rushed: translate from English into Dutch

Translate rushed into Dutch}
Gehaast, Rennen, Snellen, Matten, Bestormen, Vliegen, Dringen, Stuiven, Spoed maken, Voortmaken, Aansnellen, Haast maken met, Overrompelen, Zich storten, Met biezen bestrooien, Afzetten, Afroffelen, Verrassen, In stormloop nemen, Stormenderhand nemen, Overhaast afdoen, Snel vervoeren, Zich werpen, Stormlopen, Overijld te werk gaan met

Rushed: translate from English into French

Translate rushed into French}
Précipité, Pressé, Hâtif, Hâté, Fait à bâclé, Fait à la va-vite

Rushed: translate from English into German

Translate rushed into German}
Eilte, Hastig

Rushed: translate from English into Hindi

Translate rushed into Hindi}
जल्दी की, जल्दी करना, अचानक हमला करना, झपटना, तेजी से ले जाना, तेज़ी से दौड़ाना, बिना समझे बुझे काम करना

Rushed: translate from English into Italian

Translate rushed into Italian}
Affrettato, Correre, Affrettarsi, Precipitarsi, Affrettare, Accorrere, Precipitare, Accelerare, Scappare, Spingere, Affluire, Piombare, Scagliare, Far fretta, Spedire velocemente, Prendere d'assalto

Rushed: translate from English into Korean

Translate rushed into Korean}
서두르다, 갑자기 나타나다, 분류하다, 급파하다, 골풀로 만들다, 엄청나게 비싼 값을 부르다, 비싼 값을 부르다, ...에 돌격하다, 돌진시키다, 갑자기 일어나다, 경솔하게 행동으로 옮기다, 경솔하게 옮기다, 무모하게 행동으로 옮기다, 무모하게 옮기다, 돌진하다

Rushed: translate from English into Russian

Translate rushed into Russian}
Бросился, Торопиться, Бросаться, Торопить, Устремляться, Устремиться, Мчаться, Нестись, Мчать, Обдирать, Приударять, Нахлынуть, Выполнять слишком поспешно, Прихлынуть, Быстро доставлять, Подгонять, Действовать слишком поспешно, Стремительно тащить, Брать стремительным натиском, Ухаживать

Rushed: translate from English into Spanish

Translate rushed into Spanish}
Apresuraron, Precipitarse, Lanzarse, Asaltar, Llevar rápidamente, Hacer precipitadamente, Dar prisa a

Word origin

late Middle English: from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old French ruser ‘drive back’, an early sense of the word in English (see ruse).

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