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The meaning of Attack

Attack – definition


Take aggressive military action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force.

Usage examples:

In february the germans attacked verdun

Begin to deal with (a problem or task) in a determined and vigorous way.

Usage examples:

A plan of action to attack unemployment

(in sport) make a forceful attempt to score a goal or point or otherwise gain an advantage against an opposing team or player.

Usage examples:

Crystal palace attacked swiftly down the left

(of a reagent or reactive species) approach and interact with (an atom, group, or bond in a molecule), thereby breaking a bond or forming a new bond.

Usage examples:

The nucleophile attacks the epoxide from the opposite side of the ring to the oxygen

An aggressive and violent act against a person or place.

Usage examples:

He was killed in an attack on a checkpoint

An instance of fierce public criticism or opposition.

Usage examples:

He launched a stinging attack on the prime minister

A sudden short bout of an illness or stress.

Usage examples:

An attack of nausea

(in sport) an aggressive attempt to score a goal or point or otherwise gain an advantage.

Usage examples:

A cardiff attack broke down inside llanelli's 22

An offensive against an enemy


To try to hurt or defeat someone or something using violence

Usage examples:

[ t ] two campers were attacked by a bear last night., [ i ] most wild animals won't attack unless …

Attack translation into English

Attack: translate from English into Chinese

Translate attack into Chinese (Simplified)}
攻击, 进攻, 发作, 攻, 攻打, 打击, 击, 侵袭, 抨击, 犯, 矛头, 扑, 掊击, 抨, 掊, 征, 砰击

Attack: translate from English into Dutch

Translate attack into Dutch}
Aanval, Aanvallen, Attaque, Aantasten, Bestormen, Attaqueren, Aanranden

Attack: translate from English into French

Translate attack into French}
Attaque, Attaquer, Crise, Agression, Agresser, Combattre, Corroder

Attack: translate from English into German

Translate attack into German}
Attacke, Angriff, Angreifen, Attackieren, Anschlag, Anfall, Überfallen, Befallen, Befall, Sturm, Anfallen, Stürmen, Angehen, Überfall, Kämpfen, Bedrängen, Vorstoßen, Übergriff, Anstürmen, Heimsuchen, Eindringen auf, Herfallen über, Sich stürzen auf

Attack: translate from English into Hindi

Translate attack into Hindi}
हमला, आक्रमण, आक्रमण का, वार, आक्षेप, धावा, आक्रमण करना, धर्षण, रेला, धावा करना, सिसकारना, धर्षण करना

Attack: translate from English into Italian

Translate attack into Italian}
Attacco, Attaccare, Aggredire, Assalire, Aggressione, Assalto, Crisi, Offesa, Screditare, Azione offensiva, Violenza carnale, Accesso

Attack: translate from English into Korean

Translate attack into Korean}
공격, 습격, 개시, 발병, 발성, 발음, 치다, 덤비다, 발성법, 진공, 발음법, 공격하다, 착수하다, 침범하다, 습격하다, 무찌르다, 진격하다, 달려들다

Attack: translate from English into Russian

Translate attack into Russian}
Атака, Атаковать, Нападение, Приступ, Нападать, Наступление, Нападки, Припадок, Наступать, Штурмовой, Нападающий, Инсульт, Приступ болезни, Критиковать, Набрасываться, Поражать, Накидываться, Разъедать, Разрушать, Энергично браться, Наступательный бой, Вспышка болезни, Предпринимать

Attack: translate from English into Spanish

Translate attack into Spanish}
Ataque, Atacar, Agresión, Asalto, Acometida, Atentar, Agredir, Acometer, Avance, Arremeter, Asaltar, Embestir, Luchar contra, Impugnar, Entrar, Emprender, Afectar, Aquejar, Tratar de resolver, Lazarse, Minar, Ida, Acceso

Word origin

early 17th century: from French attaque (noun), attaquer (verb), from Italian attacco ‘an attack’, attaccare ‘join battle’, based on an element of Germanic origin (see attach).

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