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The meaning of Galloped


Galloped – definition


Proceed at great speed.

Usage examples:

Don't gallop through your speech

The fastest pace of a horse or other quadruped, with all the feet off the ground together in each stride.

Usage examples:

The horse broke into a furious gallop

Past simple and past participle of gallop

Usage examples:

We galloped through the woods., it is the height of folly and a tragic waste to gallop into war.

Galloped translation into English

Galloped: translate from English into Chinese

Translate galloped into Chinese (Simplified)}
驰骋, 奔腾, 驰马, 驰骤, 驰驱, 走马, 腾, 驰鹜

Galloped: translate from English into Dutch

Translate galloped into Dutch}
Galoppeerde, Galopperen

Galloped: translate from English into French

Translate galloped into French}
A galopé, Galoper

Galloped: translate from English into German

Translate galloped into German}
Galoppierte, Galoppieren

Galloped: translate from English into Hindi

Translate galloped into Hindi}
सरपट दौड़, सरपट दौड़ना, तेज़ पाठ करना, सरपट दौड़ाना

Galloped: translate from English into Italian

Translate galloped into Italian}

Galloped: translate from English into Korean

Translate galloped into Korean}
질주, 서두르다, 갤럽으로 물다, 빨리 지나가다, 전속력으로 달리다, 갤럽으로 달리다

Galloped: translate from English into Russian

Translate galloped into Russian}
Поскакал, Проскакать, Скакать галопом, Галопировать, Быстро прогрессировать, Делать быстро, Пускать лошадь галопом

Galloped: translate from English into Spanish

Translate galloped into Spanish}
Galopaba, Galopar, Correr, Hacer galopar

Word origin

early 16th century: from Old French galop (noun), galoper, variants of Old Northern French walop, waloper (see wallop).

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