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The meaning of Fit


Fit – definition


Of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.

Usage examples:

The house was not fit for human habitation

In good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.

Usage examples:

My family keep fit by walking and cycling

Be of the right shape and size for.

Usage examples:

Those jeans still fit me

Install or fix (something) into place.

Usage examples:

They fitted smoke alarms to their home

Be compatible or in agreement with; match.

Usage examples:

The landlord had not seen anyone fitting that description

The particular way in which something, especially a garment or component, fits.

Usage examples:

The dress was a perfect fit

A sudden attack of convulsions and/or loss of consciousness, typical of epilepsy and some other medical conditions.

Usage examples:

The child had frequent fits

A sudden short period of uncontrollable coughing, laughter, etc.

Usage examples:

One rehearsal we were supposed to look lovingly into each other's eyes but kept bursting into uncon…

Have an epileptic fit.

Usage examples:

He started fitting uncontrollably

A section of a poem.

Usage examples:

The balance of this first fytte consists mostly of lengthy dialogue detailing the knight's impoveri…

To be the right size or shape for someone or something

Usage examples:

[ t ] the jacket fits you perfectly., [ i ] the refrigerator won’t fit in our kitchen., the job fit…

To be the right size or shape for someone or something

Usage examples:

Their trained staff can take one look at your figure and tell you which brand of jeans is most like…

Fit translation into English

Fit: translate from English into Chinese

Translate fit into Chinese (Simplified)}
合身, 适合, 适应, 合适, 合, 适宜, 适, 配, 健康, 切合, 安, 合式, 称身, 发作, 相宜, 相当, 顶, 斗, 投, 中, 发, 称, 副, 对的, 赶近

Fit: translate from English into Dutch

Translate fit into Dutch}
Fit, Geschikt, Aanpassen, Monteren, Passend, Gepast, Voorzien, Voegen, Afstemmen, Uitrusten, Bruikbaar, Passend maken, Behoorlijk, Geschikt maken, Gezond, Betamelijk, Aanval, In goede conditie, Adapteren, Toeval, Aanmaken, Stuip, Vlaag, Beroerte, Bui, Gril, Bevlieging, Dienstig, Stellen

Fit: translate from English into French

Translate fit into French}
Adapter, Convient, Répondre à, Mettre, Fixer, Convenable, Capable, Prêt, Crise, Équipé, Munir, Chausser, Préparer, En bonne santé, Aller avec, Aller à, Propice, Préparé, Être en harmonie, Faire concorder, Concordé, Explosion, S'adapter, S'accorder, S'appliquer

Fit: translate from English into German

Translate fit into German}
Fit, Passen, Sitz, Montieren, Anpassen, Geeignet, Entsprechen, Einbauen, Angebracht, Tauglich, Richtig, Gesund, Versehen, Anfall, Bestücken, Richten, Dazu passen, Krampf, Anwandlung, Taillieren, Aufwallung, Günstig

Fit: translate from English into Hindi

Translate fit into Hindi}
उपयुक्त, ठीक, योग्य, उचित, माकूल, दौरा, लायक़, काम का, त्वरित आवेश, उपयोज्यता, योग्य बनाना, जंचना, अनुकूल होना, प्रस्तुत करना, ठीक करना, बैठाना, अंटना, जमाना, फिट करना, दुरुस्त

Fit: translate from English into Italian

Translate fit into Italian}
In forma, Adattarsi, Adatto, Adattare, Andare bene, Idoneo, Calzare, Incastrare, Adeguare, Pronto, Appropriato, Attacco, Abile, Quadrare, Sano, Munire, Scatto, Preparare, Fatto, Conveniente, Provare, Accesso, Crisi, Convenire, Uniformare, Colpo, Impeto, Impiantare, Confarsi, Slancio, Convulso, Convulsione, Accidente

Fit: translate from English into Korean

Translate fit into Korean}
맞다, 적당한, 알맞은, 알맞다, 발작, 적당히, 맞게 하다, 합하다, 마약 주사 기구 한 벌, 격발, 온당한, 감당해 낼 수 있는, 좋은 건강 상태인, 언제나 ...할 준비가 된, 준비가 된, ...할 것 같은, ...에 맞다, ...에 알맞다, 적당한 물건을 ...에 달다, ...에게 자격을 주다, 수험 준비를 하다, 시의 한 구절, 노래의 한 구절, 이야기의 한 구절, 시기에 맞게

Fit: translate from English into Russian

Translate fit into Russian}
Поместиться, Соответствовать, Приспосабливать, Приспособленный, Припадок, Подходить, Устанавливать, Впору, Пригонка, Подходящий, Соответствующий, Сидеть, Монтировать, Приспосабливаться, Совпадать, Оборудовать, Посадка, Годный, В хорошей форме, Точно соответствовать, Годиться, Приступ, Снабжать, Прилаживать, Пригонять, Достойный, Быть впору, Прилаживаться, Готовый, Здоровый, Судороги, Порыв, Приходиться, Способный, Пароксизм, Прилегаемость, В хорошем состоянии, Вспышка, Подобающий, Сильный, Конвульсии, Истерия, Каприз, Настроение

Fit: translate from English into Spanish

Translate fit into Spanish}
Adaptar, Ajuste, En forma, Caber, Encajar, Apto, Ajustar, Ataque, Adecuado, Encajar en, Entrar, Ir, Corresponder con, Acceso, Listo, Apropiar, Bien de salud, Proveer algo

Word origin

Old English fitt, perhaps the same word as fit2, or related to German Fitze ‘skein of yarn’, in the obsolete sense ‘thread with which weavers mark off a day's work’.

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