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The meaning of Address

Address – definition


The particulars of the place where someone lives or an organization is situated.

Usage examples:

They exchanged addresses and agreed to keep in touch

A formal speech delivered to an audience.

Usage examples:

An address to the european parliament

Skill, dexterity, or readiness.

Usage examples:

He rescued me with the most consummate address

Write the name and address of the intended recipient on (an envelope, letter, or parcel).

Usage examples:

I addressed my letter to him personally

Think about and begin to deal with (an issue or problem).

Usage examples:

A fundamental problem has still to be addressed

Take up one's stance and prepare to hit (the ball).

Usage examples:

Ensure that your weight is evenly spread when you address the ball

The place where a person or organization can be found


The specific place where a person, business, or organization can be found and where mail can be received

Usage examples:

What is your street address now?, i need your home and your business address., my e-mail address is…

A building number, name of the road, etc. where you live, where an organization has an office, or where mail is sent

Usage examples:

Please send your application to the address below., what is your full address?, a business/home add…

Address translation into English

Address: translate from English into Chinese

Translate address into Chinese (Simplified)}
地址, 住址, 讲话, 称呼, 发表, 愬

Address: translate from English into Dutch

Translate address into Dutch}
Adres, Richten, Toespraak, Adresseren, Aanspreken, Toespreken, Afzenden, Consigneren, Verwijzen

Address: translate from English into French

Translate address into French}
Adresse, Adresser, Discours, Allocution, Appel, Aborder un problème, Nommer, Conversation, Se mettre à une tâche, S'adresser

Address: translate from English into German

Translate address into German}
Die anschrift, Adresse, Anschrift, Adressieren, Ansprechen, Richten, Ansprache, Rede, Anreden, Sprechen zu, Titulieren, Beschriften

Address: translate from English into Hindi

Translate address into Hindi}
पता, संबोधित करना, व्याख्यान, प्रमाचार, निवेदन करना, ह्यपरह पता लिखना, व्याख्यान देना, बोलने का ढंग, अभिभाषण करना, पता लिखना

Address: translate from English into Italian

Translate address into Italian}
Indirizzo, Indirizzare, Discorso, Recapito, Messaggio, Rivolgersi a, Dedicarsi, Maniera di presentarsi, Mirare a, Fare un discorso a

Address: translate from English into Korean

Translate address into Korean}
주소, 연설, 인사말, 청원, 사무 능력, 구혼, 타구 자세, 다루다, 말하는 태도, 골프 자세, 말을 걸다, 제기하다, 주소를 쓰다, 성명을 쓰다, 본격적으로 착수하다, 타구 자세를 취하다, 골프 자세를 취하다

Address: translate from English into Russian

Translate address into Russian}
Адрес, Обращаться, Адресовать, Обращение, Адресный, Выступление, Речь, Направлять, Выступать, Ловкость, Такт, Обхождение, Ухаживание, Напутствовать

Address: translate from English into Spanish

Translate address into Spanish}
Dirección, Dirigirse, Discurso, Alocución, Señas, Dirigir, Dirigirse a, Modales, Súplica, Tomar la palabra, Hablar a, Poner la dirección en, Entregar, Habilidad, Título

Word origin

Middle English (as a verb in the senses ‘set upright’ and ‘guide, direct’, hence ‘write directions for delivery on’ and ‘direct spoken words to’): from Old French, based on Latin ad- ‘towards

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