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Trick – definition


A cunning act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone.

Usage examples:

He's a double-dealer capable of any mean trick

A peculiar or characteristic habit or mannerism.

Usage examples:

She had a trick of clipping off certain words and phrases

(in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a sequence of cards forming a single round of play. one card is laid down by each player, the highest card being the winner.

Usage examples:

Next, the players play to tricks, with the winner of each trick replacing their card with their cho…

A prostitute's client.

Usage examples:

He was romancing his long-term girlfriend when he was arrested for getting oral sex from the $60-a-…

A sailor's turn at the helm, usually lasting for two or four hours.

Usage examples:

Indeed, one or two tricks up the mast were carried out by the senior era.

Cunningly deceive or outwit.

Usage examples:

Many people have been tricked by villains with false identity cards

Sketch (a coat of arms) in outline, with the colours indicated by letters or signs.

Usage examples:

Can you 'trick' this representation to indicate the tinctures or colours?

Intended or used to deceive or mystify, or to create an illusion.

Usage examples:

A trick question

Liable to fail; defective.

Usage examples:

A trick knee

An action intended to deceive, either as a way of cheating someone or as a joke or form of entertainment

Usage examples:

He showed us some card tricks., are your kids too old for trick or treating (= visiting people’s ho…

Trick translation into English

Trick: translate from English into Chinese

Translate trick into Chinese (Simplified)}
诡计, 招, 特技, 哄骗, 骗, 手法, 骗术, 戏法, 手段, 骗局, 伎, 鬼点子, 戏, 谋略

Trick: translate from English into Dutch

Translate trick into Dutch}
Truc, Bedriegen, Slag, Kunstje, Hebbelijkheid, Kunstgreep, Bedotten

Trick: translate from English into French

Translate trick into French}
Tour, Truc, Astuce, Ruse, Farce, Blague, Habitude, Espièglerie, Rusé, Escroquer, Attraper, Parer, Rétif, Blouser, Passe-passe

Trick: translate from English into German

Translate trick into German}
Trick, Streich, Stich, Austricksen, Kunststück, List, Kunst, Kniff, Masche, Überlisten, Tricksen, Nummer, Hinterlist, Winkelzug, Illusion, Schlich, Fangen, Eigenart, Ulk, Praktik, Finesse

Trick: translate from English into Hindi

Translate trick into Hindi}
छल, चाल, चालाकी, व्याज, चकमा देना, हस्तलाघव

Trick: translate from English into Italian

Translate trick into Italian}
Trucco, Ingannare, Inganno, Imbrogliare, Stratagemma, Scherzo, Tiro, Astuzia, Burla, Malizia, Fregare, Mania

Trick: translate from English into Korean

Translate trick into Korean}
장난, 비결, 재주, 계교, 속이다, 아이, 일회, 버릇, 시시한 장식, 일회 교대 근무 시간, 기계, 잔뜩 꾸미다, 남을 속이다, 장난치다, 재주 부리는, 의외로 까다로운, 수, 문장의 선화, 기대를 어기다, 선화로 그리다, 요술을 부리다, 말을 잘 듣지 않는

Trick: translate from English into Russian

Translate trick into Russian}
Обманывать, Трюк, Уловка, Хитрость, Фокус, Выходка, Обман, Подвох, Шутка, Штучка, Взятка, Проделка, Ухищрение, Шалость, Манера, Сложный, Забава, Привычка, Ловкий прием, Особенность, Выманивать, Обманом заставить, Сноровка, Безделушка, Ребенок, Смена у руля, Очередь, Художество, Характерное выражение, Игрушка, Надувать, Разводить, Подводить, Нарушать планы, Обманчивый

Trick: translate from English into Spanish

Translate trick into Spanish}
Truco, Engañar, Trampear, Trampa, Baza, Engaño, Ardid, Estratagema, Triquiñuela, Burla, Travesura, Estafa, Embuste, Manía, Hábito, Juego de manos, Embaucar, Burlar, Peculiaridad, Tino, Carambola, Estafar, Timar, Embrollo, Agachada, Embudo, Paquete, De pega, Primada, Juego de naipes, Burear, Cliente

Word origin

late Middle English (as a noun): from an Old French dialect variant of triche, from trichier ‘deceive’, of unknown origin. Current senses of the verb date from the mid 16th century.

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