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The meaning of Con

Con – definition


Persuade (someone) to do or believe something by lying to them.

Usage examples:

I conned him into giving me your home number

Direct the steering of (a ship).

Usage examples:

He hadn't conned anything bigger than a boston whaler

An instance of deceiving or tricking someone.

Usage examples:

The charter is a glossy public relations con

A disadvantage of or argument against something.

Usage examples:

Borrowers have to weigh up the pros and cons of each mortgage offer

A convict.

Usage examples:

You don't snitch to the prison authorities on another con

Study attentively or learn by heart (a piece of writing).

Usage examples:

The children conned their pages with a great show of industry

A convention, especially one for enthusiasts of science fiction and fantasy literature annd films.

Usage examples:

An sf con

The action or post of conning a ship.

Usage examples:

Mr cargill, take the con

Variant spelling of com- assimilated before c, d, f, g, j, n, q, s, t, v, and sometimes before vowels (as in concord, condescend, confide, etc.).


(in the context of party politics) conservative.

Usage examples:

Teddy taylor, mp (con)

Constable (as part of a police officer's title).

Usage examples:

Deputy chief con tony burden

With; together; jointly; altogether.

Usage examples:


Con translation into English

Con: translate from English into Chinese

Translate con into Chinese (Simplified)}
骗局, 哄骗, 针对, 肺病

Con: translate from English into Dutch

Translate con into Dutch}
Tegenhouden, Tegen, Oplichterij, Nauwkeurig nagaan, Onderzoeken

Con: translate from English into French

Translate con into French}
Con, Escroquer, Escroquerie, Escroc, Duper, Gouverner, Complimenter, Flouer, Truander

Con: translate from English into German

Translate con into German}
Con, Schwindel, Steuern, Hereinlegen, Schwindeln, Schmäh, Linken, Knastbruder, Zuchthäusler, Bescheißen, Einseifen, Anschmieren, Sich einprägen, Beschiss, Dummenfang

Con: translate from English into Hindi

Translate con into Hindi}
चोर, ठग, चोर का, ठगना, धूर्त, छल से लूट लेना, २स्मरण करना, धयान पूर्वक अध्ययनना

Con: translate from English into Italian

Translate con into Italian}
Con, Contro

Con: translate from English into Korean

Translate con into Korean}
범죄자, 신용 사기, 차장, 폐병, 속이다, 반대 투표, 숙독하다, 정독하다, 조타를 지휘하다, 침로를 지휘하다, 속여서 ...하게 하다, ...을 가지고, 반대하여, 신용 사기의

Con: translate from English into Russian

Translate con into Russian}
Против, С, Жулик, Жульнический, Жульничать, Заучивать наизусть, Жульничество, Направлять мысль, Стук, Вести судно, Зубрить, Подача команд рулевому, Направлять действия, Надувать, Управлять кораблем, Долбить

Con: translate from English into Spanish

Translate con into Spanish}
Estafa, Estafar, Engañar, Estudiar, Burear

Word origin

from Latin cum ‘with’.

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