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The meaning of Scheme


Scheme – definition


A large-scale systematic plan or arrangement for attaining a particular object or putting a particular idea into effect.

Usage examples:

The occupational sick pay scheme

An estate of social housing.

Usage examples:

The whole scheme is plunged into darkness, bar the light in victor's house

Make plans, especially in a devious way or with intent to do something illegal or wrong.

Usage examples:

Envious of their wealth, he schemed to bring about their downfall

Arrange according to a colour scheme.

Usage examples:

She was busy arranging flowers, scheming the candles and napkins

A plan for doing or organizing something

Usage examples:

The committee came up with a creative fundraising scheme., the yellow and white color scheme bright…

An officially organized plan or system

Usage examples:

A scheme to do sth the firm is lead developer on a scheme to construct 800 homes., devise/come up w…

Scheme translation into English

Scheme: translate from English into Chinese

Translate scheme into Chinese (Simplified)}
方案, 格式, 图, 阴谋, 策划, 计谋, 图谋, 诡计, 策, 构想, 略, 谋, 密谋, 意见, 猷, 巧计, 机关, 谟, 意念, 犹, 筴, 钤键

Scheme: translate from English into Dutch

Translate scheme into Dutch}
Schema, Stelsel, Plan, Blauwdruk, Ontwerp, Concept, Voornemen, Schets, Diagram, Intrige, Intrigeren, Beramen, Oogmerk, Ontwerpen, Plannen maken, Konkelen, Gemeen spelletje

Scheme: translate from English into French

Translate scheme into French}
Schème, Programme, Plan, Projet, Complot, Intrigue, Comploter, Manigancer, Combiner, Conspirer, Planifier, Machiner, Grenouiller

Scheme: translate from English into German

Translate scheme into German}
Planen, Schema, Programm, Plan, Projekt, Anlage, Einrichtung, Idee, Intrige, Komplott, Intrigieren, Siedlung, Pläne schmieden, Pläne aushecken, Beginnen

Scheme: translate from English into Hindi

Translate scheme into Hindi}
योजना, स्कीम, व्यवस्था, पद्धति, उपाय, चित्र, अनुसंधान, कल्पना, कुचक्र, इरादा करना, नीयत करना, योजना करना, मंसूबा करना, उपाय करना, उपाय रचना, नक़्शा, कपट-प्रबंध, कपट-प्रबंध करना

Scheme: translate from English into Italian

Translate scheme into Italian}
Schema, Sistema, Piano, Progetto, Disposizione, Diagramma, Intrigo, Tramare, Complottare, Pianificare, Ordire, Abbozzo, Manovrare, Maneggio, Cartina

Scheme: translate from English into Korean

Translate scheme into Korean}
계획, 도식, 음모, 개요, 조직, 책, 공상적인 계획, 계획하다, 모사하다, 계획을 세우다

Scheme: translate from English into Russian

Translate scheme into Russian}
Схема, Система, План, Программа, Проект, Затея, Махинация, Построение, Чертеж, Интрига, Происки, Интриговать, Замышлять, Плести интриги, Конспект, Краткое изложение, Составлять план, Строить планы, Подсиживать, Планировать, Проектировать, Составлять проекты, Расположение

Scheme: translate from English into Spanish

Translate scheme into Spanish}
Esquema, Sistema, Programa, Proyecto, Combinación, Ardid, Idea, Intriga, Maquinación, Proyectar, Intrigar, Tramar, Hacer proyectos, Enjuague

Word origin

mid 16th century (denoting a figure of speech): from Latin schema, from Greek (see schema). An early sense was ‘diagram of the position of celestial objects’, giving rise to ‘diagram, outline

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