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The meaning of Cheat


Cheat – definition


Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

Usage examples:

She always cheats at cards

Avoid (something undesirable) by luck or skill.

Usage examples:

She cheated death in a spectacular crash

A person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage.

Usage examples:

Athletes who abide by the rules are up against cheats with a distinct advantage.

To act in a way that is dishonest, or to make someone believe something that is not true in order to get something for yourself

Usage examples:

[ t ] the insurance companies were found to be cheating consumers., [ t ] they got cheated out of t…

To behave in a dishonest way or deceive someone in order to get what you want

Usage examples:

Many of the small investors felt that they had been cheated by the sudden reduction in interest rat…

Cheat translation into English

Cheat: translate from English into Chinese

Translate cheat into Chinese (Simplified)}
欺骗, 作弊, 骗, 骗子, 骗取, 欺诈, 行骗, 蒙骗, 作假, 哄骗, 蒙, 欺, 骗局, 欺蒙, 赚, 欺哄, 绷, 蒙哄, 期罔

Cheat: translate from English into Dutch

Translate cheat into Dutch}
Bedriegen, Bedrieger, Vals spelen, Bedrog, Misleiden, Beetnemen, Verschalken, Afzetter, Afzetterij, Schurkachtig handelen

Cheat: translate from English into French

Translate cheat into French}
Tricher, Tromper, Tricheur, Fraude, Frauder, Escroquer, Trompeur, Escroquerie, Faire tromper, Truqueur

Cheat: translate from English into German

Translate cheat into German}
Schummeln, Betrügen, Betrüger, Mogeln, Täuschen, Prellen, Schwindeln, Übervorteilen, Bescheißen, Beschummeln, Beschwindeln, Gaunern

Cheat: translate from English into Hindi

Translate cheat into Hindi}
धोखा, छल, धोखा देना, ठग, धोखेबाज़, झूठ, ढकोसला, ठगना, छलना, कपटी, छलिया, धूर्त, जालसाज़, प्रवंचक, चंट, ढकोसला करना, झूठ बोलना, धोखा करना, बेईमानी करना, मूंड़ना, छल करना, प्रवंचन करना

Cheat: translate from English into Italian

Translate cheat into Italian}
Imbroglione, Imbrogliare, Barare, Ingannare, Truffare, Imbroglio, Inganno, Fregare, Frodare, Truffa, Gabbare, Truffatore, Buggerare, Raggiro, Fregatura, Carpire, Bidonare, Beffa, Ingannatore, Truffarre

Cheat: translate from English into Korean

Translate cheat into Korean}
속이다, 사기, 교활한 녀석, 이럭저럭 넘기다, 바람 피우다, 배우자 몰래 바람 피우다, 교묘하게 피하다, 협잡하다, 협잡을 하다, 부정을 하다, 야바위치다

Cheat: translate from English into Russian

Translate cheat into Russian}
Изменять, Обманывать, Обман, Обманщик, Мошенничество, Мошенничать, Мухлевать, Избежать, Плут, Жулик, Обдуривать, Выманивать обманом, Разводка, Дешево

Cheat: translate from English into Spanish

Translate cheat into Spanish}
Hacer trampa, Engañar, Trampa, Tramposo, Estafar, Estafador, Timar, Trampear, Fraude, Engañador, Embaucador, Fullero, Embustero, Morder, Trapacear, Embaidor, Trapacero, Trapacista, Trápala

Word origin

late Middle English: shortening of escheat (the original sense).

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