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The meaning of Tough

Tough – definition


(of a substance or object) strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough handling.

Usage examples:

Tough rucksacks for climbers

Demonstrating a strict and uncompromising approach.

Usage examples:

Police have been getting tough with drivers

Strong and prone to violence.

Usage examples:

Tough young teenagers

Endure a period of hardship or difficulty.


Not easily broken, weakened, or defeated; strong

Usage examples:

These toys are made of tough plastic., you have to be tough to be successful in politics., the poli…

Tough translation into English

Tough: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tough into Chinese (Simplified)}
艰难的, 强硬, 韧, 艰苦, 严格, 硬, 恶棍, 严, 老, 倔, 经受, 困难的, 粗暴地, 粗野地

Tough: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tough into Dutch}
Moeilijk, Taai, Lastig, Hardnekkig, Onverzettelijk, Misdadig

Tough: translate from English into French

Translate tough into French}
Dure, Difficile, Dur, Robuste, Résistant, Solide, Sévère, Ferme, Pénible, Féroce, Endurant, Acharné, Vigoureux, Raide, Pétrin, Cinglant, Calé, Collant

Tough: translate from English into German

Translate tough into German}
Hart, Zäh, Schwer, Schwierig, Stark, Robust, Strapazierfähig, Fest, Rau, Hartnäckig, Derb, Grob, Brutal, Scharf, Abgehärtet, Unangenehm, Unverwüstlich, Stramm, Zählebig, Gepfeffert, Strohig

Tough: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tough into Hindi}
कठोर, कड़ा, रूखा, अमृदु, सख़्त

Tough: translate from English into Italian

Translate tough into Italian}
Difficile, Duro, Resistente, Forte, Robusto, Ostico, Rude, Inflessibile, Brutale, Violento, Delinquente

Tough: translate from English into Korean

Translate tough into Korean}
힘든, 강인한, 튼튼한, 곤란한, 차진, 멋진, 악한, 참고 견디다, 불유쾌한, 믿어지지 않는, 무법의, 혹심한

Tough: translate from English into Russian

Translate tough into Russian}
Жесткий, Жестко, Тяжелый, Крутой, Крепкий, Трудный, Грубо, Прочный, Грубый, Сильный, Вязкий, Твердый, Плотный, Выносливый, Стойкий, Тугой, Хулиган, Упорный, Несгибаемый, Упругий, Бандит, Хулиганский, Закоренелый, Бандитский, Жизнестойкий, Выдерживать, Полный лишений, Неисправимый, Преступный

Tough: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tough into Spanish}
Pese, Difícil, Duro, Resistente, Fuerte, Tenaz, Arduo, Correoso, Pendenciero, De mano dura, Malvado, Malo, Penoso, Vigoroso, Terco, Forzudo, Escabroso, Espinoso, Estropajoso, Machote, Pasar, Esforzado, Gorila, No ceder, Mantenerse, De pena, No cejar, Andar, Ir dando, Vivir

Word origin

Old English tōh, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch taai and German zäh .

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