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The meaning of Adamant

Adamant – definition


Refusing to be persuaded or to change one's mind.

Usage examples:

He is adamant that he is not going to resign

A legendary rock or mineral to which many properties were attributed, formerly associated with diamond or lodestone.

Usage examples:

As for the magical metal, asiceton, it sounds like adamant.

Unwilling to be persuaded to change an opinion or decision

Usage examples:

She was adamant about becoming a dancer., the mayor adamantly refused to consider a tax increase.

Adamant translation into English

Adamant: translate from English into Chinese

Translate adamant into Chinese (Simplified)}
固执的, 坚硬的, 硬石

Adamant: translate from English into Dutch

Translate adamant into Dutch}
Onbuigzaam, Onvermurwbaar

Adamant: translate from English into French

Translate adamant into French}
Catégorique, Inflexible, Adamantin

Adamant: translate from English into German

Translate adamant into German}
Unnachgiebig, Hartnäckig

Adamant: translate from English into Hindi

Translate adamant into Hindi}
अटल, कठोर, हठी, दृढ़, सख्त, कठोर पदार्थ, वज्रसार, वज्रकठोर

Adamant: translate from English into Italian

Translate adamant into Italian}
Irremovibile, Inflessibile, Diamante, Adamantino, Duro, Di diamante

Adamant: translate from English into Korean

Translate adamant into Korean}
단호한, 지지 않고, 견고 무비한

Adamant: translate from English into Russian

Translate adamant into Russian}
Непреклонный, Адамант, Алмаз, Твердый, Несокрушимый, Твердый минерал, Несгибаемый, Твердый металл, Бриллиант, Что-либо твердое, Что-либо несокрушимое

Adamant: translate from English into Spanish

Translate adamant into Spanish}
Firme, Diamante, Duro, Reacio, Porfiado

Word origin

Old English (as a noun), from Old French adamaunt-, via Latin from Greek adamas, adamant-, ‘untameable, invincible’ (later used to denote the hardest metal or stone, hence diamond), from a- ‘

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