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The meaning of Stiff

Stiff – definition


Not easily bent or changed in shape; rigid.

Usage examples:

A stiff black collar

Severe or strong.

Usage examples:

They face stiff fines and a possible jail sentence

Full of.

Usage examples:

The place is stiff with alarm systems

Having a specified unpleasant feeling to an extreme extent.

Usage examples:

She was scared stiff

A dead body.

Usage examples:

When the bodies of various stiffs start disappearing from the local morgue, the police are baffled …

A boring, conventional person.

Usage examples:

Ordinary working stiffs in respectable offices

A sports club's reserve team.

Usage examples:

And unfortunately that's what we saw from becks in the portsmouth game so that explains why i dropp…

Cheat (someone) out of something, especially money.

Usage examples:

Several workers were stiffed out of their pay

Ignore (someone) deliberately; snub.

Usage examples:

The stars are notorious for stiffing their hosts and sponsors at banquets

Kill (someone).

Usage examples:

I want to get those pigs who stiffed your doctor

Stiff translation into English

Stiff: translate from English into Chinese

Translate stiff into Chinese (Simplified)}
僵硬的, 僵硬, 硬, 僵, 生硬, 硬性, 呆板, 严格, 挺, 死板, 刻板, 板滞, 死硬, 生, 票据, 期票, 要命, 粘的, 谡谡

Stiff: translate from English into Dutch

Translate stiff into Dutch}
Stijf, Stevig, Stroef, Stram, Verstijfd, Moeilijk, Lijk, Flink, Afgemeten, Stiffen, Plechtig, Ceremonieel, Handelspapier, Wissel, Document, Geld, Lummel

Stiff: translate from English into French

Translate stiff into French}
Rigide, Raide, Dur, Guindé, Fort, Solide, Tenace, Macchabée, Ankylosé, Empesé, Opiniâtre, Ardu, Gourd, Pénible, Snob, Avec rigidité, Constant

Stiff: translate from English into German

Translate stiff into German}
Steif, Starr, Hart, Fest, Leiche, Unbeweglich, Stark, Streng, Zäh, Lahm, Schwierig, Gezwungen, Kassiber, Stereotyp

Stiff: translate from English into Hindi

Translate stiff into Hindi}
अकड़न, कड़ा, कठोर, कठिन, मुश्किल, अनम्य, गाढ़ा, अत्यधिक, हुंडी, तमस्सुक, नक़ली नोट, आवारा, पर्यटक, कंजूस, लाश, लौंडा, व्यक्ति, सख़्त

Stiff: translate from English into Italian

Translate stiff into Italian}
Rigido, Duro, Forte, Difficile, Indolenzito, Freddo, Inflessibile, Compassato, Sodo, Austero, Arduo, Salato, Faticoso, Completamente

Stiff: translate from English into Korean

Translate stiff into Korean}
뻣뻣한, 딱딱한, 거센, 빡빡한, 엄청난, 독한, 뻐근한, 팽팽한, 시체, 무리한, 굽히지 않는, 되게 갠, 유통 지폐, 너무 딱딱한 남자, 난삽한, 물기가 오름세의, ...에 팁을 내지 않고 가다, 터무니없이

Stiff: translate from English into Russian

Translate stiff into Russian}
Жесткий, Тугой, Густой, Чопорный, Сильный, Твердый, Крепкий, Плотный, Жадина, Труп, Натянутый, Строгий, Трудный, Негибкий, Непреклонный, До смерти, Одеревеневший, Холодный, Неэластичный, Окостеневший, Неуклюжий, Устойчивый, Одеревенелый, Неловкий, Чрезмерный, Оболтус, До изнеможения, Неупругий, Окостенелый, Непоколебимый, Упорный, Сильнодействующий, Принужденный, Вексель, Фальшивая банкнота, Поддельный чек, Тайное письмо, Секретное послание, Ничтожество, Жила

Stiff: translate from English into Spanish

Translate stiff into Spanish}
Tieso, Rígido, Fuerte, Duro, Estirado, Entumecido, Fiambre, Cadáver, Tenaz, Espeso, Frío, Exorbitante, Etiquetero

Word origin

Old English stīf, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch stijf .

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