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The meaning of Talk

Talk – definition


Speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings; converse or communicate by spoken words.

Usage examples:

The two men talked

Have formal dealings or discussions; negotiate.

Usage examples:

They won't talk to the regime that killed their families

Use (a particular language) in speech.

Usage examples:

We were talking german

Communication by spoken words; conversation or discussion.

Usage examples:

There was a slight but noticeable lull in the talk

An informal address or lecture.

Usage examples:

A thirty-minute illustrated talk

Talk translation into English

Talk: translate from English into Chinese

Translate talk into Chinese (Simplified)}
讲话, 谈论, 谈话, 谈, 论, 说话, 说, 讲, 话, 议论, 谈判, 谈到, 发言, 传闻, 讲述, 谈起, 言, 言语, 道, 议, 报告, 叙, 噂

Talk: translate from English into Dutch

Translate talk into Dutch}
Praten, Gesprek, Spreken, Bespreking, Gepraat, Praatjes, Spreken over, Gerucht, Onderhoud

Talk: translate from English into French

Translate talk into French}
Parler, Conversation, Discuter, Discours, Entretien, Parole, Discussion, Dire, Propos, Bavarder, Discourir, Langue, Sermon, Ragots, Fadaises, Cafardage, Rapporter, S'entretenir

Talk: translate from English into German

Translate talk into German}
Sich unterhalten, Sprechen, Reden, Unterhaltung, Gespräch, Rede, Vortrag, Gerede, Unterredung, Plaudern, Aussprache, Besprechung, Schwatzen, Plauderei, Schwätzen, Labern, Klatschen, Schwätzerei, Sich auslassen, Sich auseinander setzen

Talk: translate from English into Hindi

Translate talk into Hindi}
बात करना, बातचीत, वार्ता, व्याख्यान, बोल, संभाषण, बोलना, बातचीत करना, बातें करना, लेक्चर, बोल-चाल, गुफ़्तगू, गुफ़्तगू करना

Talk: translate from English into Italian

Translate talk into Italian}
Parlare, Discorso, Conversazione, Colloquio, Chiacchierare, Chiacchierata, Discussione, Dire, Conversare, Discorrere, Pettegolezzo, Sentore, Negoziato

Talk: translate from English into Korean

Translate talk into Korean}
말하다, 이야기, 대담, 강연, 소문, 말투, 객담, 사람의 말과 같은 소리, 사람의 말과 같은 울음 소리, 서로 이야기하다, 잡담을 하다, 의사를 통하다, 설득력이 있다, 말하는 것같은 소리를 내다, 이야기하다, 담론하다, 사용하다, 이야기하여 ...하다, 이야기하여 ...시키다, 설득하여 ...하다, 설득하여 ...시키다, 이야기하면 보내다, 시간을 보내다, 교신하다

Talk: translate from English into Russian

Translate talk into Russian}
Разговаривать, Говорить, Разговор, Беседа, Болтовня, Слухи, Переговоры, Толки, Лекция, Болтать, Беседовать, Поговаривать, Слух, Заговорить, Переговариваться, Пустой разговор, Читать лекцию, Предмет разговоров, Предмет толков, Связываться, Говорить пустое, Распространять слухи, Сплетничать

Talk: translate from English into Spanish

Translate talk into Spanish}
Hablar, Conversación, Conversar, Plática, Charlar, Habladurías, Cháchara, Platicar, Chismes, Seguir hablando, Hablar mucho, Chismear, No parar de hablar, No cesar de hablar

Word origin

Middle English: frequentative verb from the Germanic base of tale or tell1.

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