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The meaning of Gossip


Gossip – definition


Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

Usage examples:

He became the subject of much local gossip

Light informal conversation for social occasions


Talk about other people’s private lives

Usage examples:

[ u ] have you heard the latest gossip (= what is being said about someone)?, [ c ] charlie is a re…

Gossip translation into English

Gossip: translate from English into Chinese

Translate gossip into Chinese (Simplified)}
闲话, 流言, 长舌妇, 摆龙门阵, 道听途说, 乱说, 长舌, 扯, 胡扯, 詗, 长短, 话多的人, 臆说

Gossip: translate from English into Dutch

Translate gossip into Dutch}
Geroddel, Praatjes, Kletsen, Gepraat, Gebabbel, Kwaadspreken, Babbelen, Kwebbelen, Babbelaar, Kouten, Babbelarij, Buurpraatje

Gossip: translate from English into French

Translate gossip into French}
Potins, Commérages, Ragots, Bavarder, Commérage, Cancans, Jaser, Racontars, Bavard, Causer, Cancaner, Potiner, Faire des commérages, Cancanier, Camarade, Marraine

Gossip: translate from English into German

Translate gossip into German}
Tratsch, Klatsch, Klatschen, Schwatzen, Geschwätz, Gerede, Tratschen, Klatschbase, Schwätzer, Geplauder, Schwätzen, Schwätzerei, Gemunkel, Schwätzerin, Schwatzbase, Hecheln

Gossip: translate from English into Hindi

Translate gossip into Hindi}
गप करना, गपशप, अफ़वाह, गप, प्रलाप, बकवाद, बकवादी मनुष्य, समाचार फैलानेवाला, वृथा बकवाद करना, गपशप करना, बक-बक करना, गप्पी, गपिया

Gossip: translate from English into Italian

Translate gossip into Italian}
Pettegolezzo, Chiacchierare, Pettegolare, Chiacchiera, Pettegolo, Maldicenza, Diceria, Chiacchierone, Individuo pettegolo

Gossip: translate from English into Korean

Translate gossip into Korean}
잡담, 수다쟁이, 속화, 잡담을 하다, 남의 이야기를 퍼뜨리고 돌아다니다

Gossip: translate from English into Russian

Translate gossip into Russian}
Сплетни, Сплетничать, Сплетня, Слухи, Болтать, Болтовня, Сплетница, Сплетник, Болтун, Кумушка, Беседовать, Болтунья, Передавать слухи

Gossip: translate from English into Spanish

Translate gossip into Spanish}
Chisme, Chismes, Chismorreo, Chismear, Cotillear, Habladurías, Murmuración, Chismoso, Charla, Charlar, Comidilla, Comadre, Comadreo, Murmurador, Parloteo, Contar chismes, Hablador, Mala lengua, Echar un párrafo, Informe

Word origin

late Old English godsibb, ‘godfather, godmother, baptismal sponsor’, literally ‘a person related to one in God’, from god ‘God’ + sibb ‘a relative’ (see sib). In Middle English the sense was

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