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The meaning of Presentation


Presentation – definition


The giving of something to someone, especially as part of a formal ceremony.

Usage examples:

The presentation of certificates to new members

A speech or talk in which a new product, idea, or piece of work is shown and explained to an audience.

Usage examples:

A sales presentation

A formal introduction of someone, especially at court.

Usage examples:

After her presentation to queen victoria, he had escorted his sister to numerous balls

The position of a fetus in relation to the cervix at the time of delivery.

Usage examples:

A breech presentation

The coming forward of a patient for initial examination and diagnosis.

Usage examples:

All patients in this group were symptomatic at initial presentation

Another term for candlemas.

The act of formally giving something, as a prize


The act of giving or showing something, or the way in which something is given or shown

Usage examples:

[ c ] a multimedia presentation, [ c ] after the sales presentation, the board had a number of ques…

A talk to a group in which information about a new product, plan, etc. is presented

Usage examples:

Give/make/do a presentation i made a presentation to the board, but sadly it was rejected., they ga…

Presentation translation into English

Presentation: translate from English into Chinese

Translate presentation into Chinese (Simplified)}
介绍, 图像, 赠送

Presentation: translate from English into Dutch

Translate presentation into Dutch}
Presentatie, Voorstelling, Overlegging, Indiening, Voorlegging, Aanbieding, Optreden

Presentation: translate from English into French

Translate presentation into French}
Présentation, Soumission

Presentation: translate from English into German

Translate presentation into German}
Präsentation, Darstellung, Vorstellung, Vorlage, Darbietung, Vorführung, Verleihung, Darlegung, Moderation, Inszenierung, Überreichung, Geschenk, Produktion, Verleihungszeremonie, Lage

Presentation: translate from English into Hindi

Translate presentation into Hindi}
प्रस्तुतीकरण, प्रदर्शन, भेंट, दान, दिखाव, प्रतिपादन, अर्पण, उपस्थित करना

Presentation: translate from English into Italian

Translate presentation into Italian}
Presentazione, Rappresentazione, Esposizione, Relazione, Regalo, Consegna ufficiale

Presentation: translate from English into Korean

Translate presentation into Korean}
프레젠테이션, 표시, 제출, 소개, 증정, 연출, 표상, 선사, 기증, 제정, 공상, 헌납, 진정

Presentation: translate from English into Russian

Translate presentation into Russian}
Презентация, Представление, Вручение, Предъявление, Показ, Подарок, Подношение, Поднесение

Presentation: translate from English into Spanish

Translate presentation into Spanish}
Presentación, Entrega, Representación, Obsequio

Word origin

late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin praesentatio(n- ), from Latin praesentare ‘place before’ (see present2).

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