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The meaning of Grade


Grade – definition


A particular level of rank, quality, proficiency, or value.

Usage examples:

Sea salt is usually available in coarse or fine grades

A mark indicating the quality of a student's work.

Usage examples:

I got good grades last semester

A gradient or slope.

Usage examples:

Just over the crest of a long seven per cent grade

A variety of cattle produced by crossing with a superior breed.

Usage examples:

Grade stock

Arrange in or allocate to grades; classify or sort.

Usage examples:

The timber is graded according to its thickness

Give a mark to (a student or a piece of work).

Usage examples:

Any teacher completing these books will never again be able to grade student work without questioni…

Pass gradually from one level, especially a shade of colour, into another.

Usage examples:

The sky graded from blue at the top of the shot to white on the horizon

Reduce (a road) to an easy gradient.

Usage examples:

Lodge explains that sonic sensors make grading a road much easier than with stakes.

Cross (livestock) with a superior breed.

Usage examples:

The low percentage of cattle grading choice is most likely explained by the aggressive implant prog…

A measure of the quality of a student’s performance, usually represented by the letters a (the best) through f (the worst)

Usage examples:

She always gets good grades., high-grade musicianship, he’s suffering from a low-grade infection., …

A letter or combination of letters used by ratings agencies to show how certain they are that a loan will be paid back by the person or organization that borrowed the money

Usage examples:

Bonds which are rated a are considered as upper-medium grade obligations., march futures on commerc…

Grade translation into English

Grade: translate from English into Chinese

Translate grade into Chinese (Simplified)}
年级, 级, 等级, 品位, 级别, 品级, 品, 标号, 等, 等差, 流, 军阶, 等次

Grade: translate from English into Dutch

Translate grade into Dutch}
Cijfer, Rang, Kwaliteit, Graad, Gehalte, Mate, Sorteren, Trap, Graderen, Rangschikken, Stap

Grade: translate from English into French

Translate grade into French}
Noter, Qualité, Grade, Note, Catégorie, Classe, Niveau, Degré, Pente, Échelon, Rang, Calibre, Calibrer, Graduer, Classifier, Placer dans une catégorie, Période

Grade: translate from English into German

Translate grade into German}
Klasse, Grad, Note, Sorte, Stufe, Güteklasse, Rang, Type, Steigung, Niveau, Prädikat, Wahl, Benoten, Zeugnis, Zensur, Art, Sortieren, Abstufung, Klassifizieren, Einstufen, Gradieren, Stufen, Abstufen, Korrigieren, Werten, Staffeln, Tarifgruppe, Phase

Grade: translate from English into Hindi

Translate grade into Hindi}
श्रेणी, ग्रेड, वर्ग, पद, क्रम, दरजा, पदवी, क्रम में रखना, पदक्रम, दर्जा

Grade: translate from English into Italian

Translate grade into Italian}
Grado, Qualità, Classe, Voto, Categoria, Anno, Classificare, Graduare

Grade: translate from English into Korean

Translate grade into Korean}
등급, 학년, 품위, 둥급, 비탈, 성적 점수, 길, 누진 교배종, 일단, 같은 계급에 속하는 것, 부류로 나누다, ...의 물매를 완만하게 하다, 교배하다, 모음 전환 의해서 변화시키다, ...의 둥급이다, 점차 ...로 변화하다, 점차 변화하다

Grade: translate from English into Russian

Translate grade into Russian}
Оценка, Класс, Сорт, Ранг, Степень, Уровень, Качество, Уклон, Градус, Сортировать, Отметка, Нивелировать, Звание, Ставить оценку, Улучшать породу скрещиванием, Располагать по степеням, Располагать по рангу, Постепенно меняться, Постепенно переходить, Градиент

Grade: translate from English into Spanish

Translate grade into Spanish}
Calificación, Grado, Calidad, Nota, Categoría, Curso, Año, Clase, Pendiente, Calificar, Rango, Clasificar, Graduar, Escalón, Dar nota a

Word origin

early 16th century: from French, or from Latin gradus ‘step’. Originally used as a unit of measurement of angles (a degree of arc), the term later referred to degrees of merit or quality.

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