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The meaning of Turn


Turn – definition


Move in a circular direction wholly or partly round an axis or point.

Usage examples:

The big wheel was turning

Move (something) so that it is in a different position in relation to its surroundings or its previous position.

Usage examples:

Turn the mould upside down

Change or cause to change in nature, state, form, or colour; become or make.

Usage examples:

She turned pale

Shape (something) on a lathe.

Usage examples:

The faceplate is turned rather than cast

Make (a profit).

Usage examples:

The show cost its investors a socking outlay of $14m, but within 14 months they started turning a s…

An act of moving something in a circular direction round an axis or point.

Usage examples:

A safety lock requiring four turns of the key

A change of direction when moving.

Usage examples:

They made a left turn and picked up speed

An opportunity or obligation to do something that comes successively to each of a number of people.

Usage examples:

It was his turn to speak

A short walk or ride.

Usage examples:

Why don't you take a turn around the garden?

A shock.

Usage examples:

You gave us quite a turn!

The difference between the buying and selling price of stocks or other financial products.

Usage examples:

Nearly all market turns show divergences between price and technical indicators such as momentum.

A melodic ornament consisting of the principal note with those above and below it.

Usage examples:

In the romantic era, signs were still used for simple ornaments such as trills, turns, or mordents.

Move around an axis or a center


To move or cause something to move in a circle around a central point or line

Usage examples:

[ i ] the earth turns on its axis once every 24 hours., [ t ] she turned the doorknob and opened th…

To change into something or make something change into something

Usage examples:

Turn sth into sth these machines can turn a computer design into a 3-d prototype in minutes., with …

Turn translation into English

Turn: translate from English into Chinese

Translate turn into Chinese (Simplified)}
转动, 转, 翻, 轮流, 顺序, 弯, 翻转, 化, 拐, 斡, 车, 掉, 弯子, 翻倒, 摇, 捩, 纽

Turn: translate from English into Dutch

Translate turn into Dutch}
Draai, Beurt, Draaien, Bocht, Veranderen, Wenden, Wending, Keerpunt, Toer, Verandering, Omdraaien, Wisseling, Kentering, Omzetten, Omdraai, Afwenden, Verkeren, Nummer, Toekeren, Vormen, Omtrekken, Verleggen

Turn: translate from English into French

Translate turn into French}
Tour, Tourner, Virage, Tournant, Se tourner, Changer, Faire tourner, Changement, Se retourner, Renverser, Virer, Revenir, Orienter, Tournée, Tournage, Tendance, Crise, Se ramener, Se virer, Tournailler

Turn: translate from English into German

Translate turn into German}
Drehen, Abbiegen, Biegen, Wenden, Reihe, Wende, Umdrehung, Drehung, Wendung, Kurve, Werden, Kehren, Richten, Sich wenden, Sich drehen, Kehre, Reihenfolge, Einschlagen, Abdrehen, Zudrehen, Krümmung, Sich umdrehen, Bogen, Wendepunkt, Drechseln, Neigung, Hang, Umbiegen, Salto, Sich verfärben, Sich richten, Sich gestalten, Schlecht werden, Sauer werden, Nummer

Turn: translate from English into Hindi

Translate turn into Hindi}
मोड़, घूमना, घुमाव, मुड़ना, फेर, मोड़ना, मरोड़, बेर, घुमाना, फिरना, घूम जाना, मुड़ जाना, बदलना, पलटना

Turn: translate from English into Italian

Translate turn into Italian}
Giro, Girare, Volta, Svoltare, Turno, Trasformare, Direzione, Svolta, Trasformarsi, Girata, Curva, Voltare, Diventare, Piega, Rivolgere, Volgere, Cambiare, Virare, Cambiamento, Rovesciare, Curvare, Divenire, Piegare, Dirigere, Giravolta, Sviare, Attacco, Attitudine, Andare a male, Accidente, Brutto colpo, Numero, Indirizzo

Turn: translate from English into Korean

Translate turn into Korean}
회전하다, 회전, 순번, 변화, 번, 모퉁이, 굽이, 돌리다, 동작, 하다, 돌다, 성질, 현기증, 접다, 넘다, 보내다, 피하다, 뒹굴다, 물리다, 두르다, 모양, 숙고하다, ...의 방향을 바꾸다, ...의 마음을 바꾸게 하다, 변화시키다, ...화하다, 혼란시키다, 선반으로 깎다, 선반으로 만들다, 회전시키다, 전복하다, 적대하다, 변화하다, ...이 되다, 머리가 어질어질하다, 녹로를 돌리다, 선반을 돌리다, 전향하다

Turn: translate from English into Russian

Translate turn into Russian}
Повернуть, Очередь, Поворот, Оборот, Свернуть, Черед, Превращать, Виток, Перемена, Поворачивать, Вираж, Склад, Изгиб, Вращаться, Выход, Обращаться, Поворачиваться, Вращать, Переворачивать, Изменение, Превращаться, Поворотный пункт, Заворачивать, Меняться, Излучина, Припадок, Изменять, Становиться, Манера, Переходить, Вертеться, Направлять, Перелицовывать, Обдумывать, Вывихнуть, Короткая прогулка, Вертеть, Поворотить, Переводить, Портить, Очередной номер программы, Возможность, Обертываться, Оборачивать, Покрутиться, Ворочать, Переворачиваться, Повертывать, Повертываться, Поворотиться, Огибать, Обходить, Точить, Обтачивать, Обточить, Оттачивать, Протачивать, Придавать изящную форму, Изменять качество, Изменять цвет, Изменяться, Делаться, Вызывать отвращение, Переделывать, Выворачивать наизнанку, Лицевать, Переделываться, Достигать, Расстраивать, Вспахивать, Пахать, Портиться, Подвернуть, Сосредоточивать, Сценка, Интермедия, Короткий период деятельности, Рабочая смена, Отличительная черта, Способность, Строение, Построение, Оборот речи, Вспышка, Приступ, Нервное потрясение, Шок, Менструация, Курсовая прибыль, Марашка, Стиль, Форма, Услуга

Turn: translate from English into Spanish

Translate turn into Spanish}
Giro, Vez, Convertir, Girar, Vuelta, Turno, Curva, Convertirse, Transformar, Viraje, Espira, Doblar, Recodo, Oportunidad, Volver, Cambiar, Volverse, Sesgo, Pasar, Revolución, Salida, Forma, Cambio de dirección, Torcer, Jugada, Pasada, Desviarse, Susto, Ponerse, Transformarse, Ataque, Crisis, Hacer girar, Revolver, Dar una vuelta, Repuntar, Dar vueltas a, Propensión, Configuración, Desmayo, Devolver a, Mudar, Cortarse, Vahído, Destornillar, Dirigir a, Talento bueno, Atornillar, Trastornar, Ir hasta, Volver al revés, Desviar sobre, Agriar, Volver agrio, Agriarse, Girar sobre los talones, Sufrir cambio, Descolorarse, Dorarse, Número, Aspecto, Aptitud

Word origin

Old English tyrnan, turnian (verb), from Latin tornare, from tornus ‘lathe’, from Greek tornos ‘lathe, circular movement’; probably reinforced in Middle English by Old French turner . The nou

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