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The meaning of Shade


Shade – definition


Comparative darkness and coolness caused by shelter from direct sunlight.

Usage examples:

Sitting in the shade

A colour, especially with regard to how light or dark it is or as distinguished from one nearly like it.

Usage examples:

Various shades of blue

A lampshade.

Usage examples:

A small lamp with a crimson shade

A ghost.

Usage examples:

The ghost is the shade of lucy walters, first mistress of charles ii

Screen from direct light.

Usage examples:

She shaded her eyes against the sun

Darken or colour (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of colour.

Usage examples:

She shaded in the outline of a chimney

Narrowly win or gain an advantage in (a contest).

Usage examples:

The welsh side shaded a tight, tough first half

Make a slight reduction in the amount, rate, or price of.

Usage examples:

Banks may shade the margin over base rate they charge customers

Darkness and cooler temperatures caused by something blocking the direct light from the sun

Usage examples:

[ u ] the truck was parked in the shade., [ c ] the lamps had matching shades., he painted the room…

Shade translation into English

Shade: translate from English into Chinese

Translate shade into Chinese (Simplified)}
阴凉处, 阴, 阴凉, 荫, 翳, 深浅, 色彩, 黑暗, 庥, 蔀

Shade: translate from English into Dutch

Translate shade into Dutch}
Schaduw, Tint, Kap, Lommer, Scherm, Schaduwen, Schakering, Nuance, Schim, Lampekap, Arceren, Gordijn, Zweem, Overschaduwen, Beschaduwen, Schaduwzijde, Beschutten, Beschermen, In de schaduw stellen, Nuancering, Verduisteren, Schijntje, Klein beetje, Oogscherm, Lichtscherm, Stolp, Temperen, Van een scherm voorzien, Donkerder worden, Onderdak

Shade: translate from English into French

Translate shade into French}
Ombre, Nuance, Teinte, Ton, Ombrager, Nuancer, Fantôme, Hachurer, Masquer, Colorer, Éclipser, Voiler, Baisser, Abriter de soleil, Diminuer, Donner de l'ombre, S'abriter

Shade: translate from English into German

Translate shade into German}
Schatten, Farbton, Schirm, Farbe, Schattierung, Ton, Nuance, Blende, Lampenschirm, Schattieren, Tönung, Jalousie, Beschatten, Spur, Abstufung, Abschatten, Markise, Abtönung, Verschatten, Sonnenbrille, Schild, Übergehen, Springrollo, Abblenden, Abstufen

Shade: translate from English into Hindi

Translate shade into Hindi}
छाया, शरण, साया, अन्धकार, अंधेरा करना, प्रेत, भूत, चित्र में गहरा रंग, थोड़ी मात्रा, दीपक का ढकना, रोशनी से बचाना, घाम से बचाना, ओट में करना, छायित करना, सूर्य से आड़ की जगह, मृत्यु के बाद की आत्मा, रंग का उतार-चढ़ाव

Shade: translate from English into Italian

Translate shade into Italian}
Ombra, Tonalità, Sfumatura, Paralume, Tinta, Ombreggiare, Tantino, Sfumare, Proteggere, Oscurità, Visiera, Oscurare, Tapparella, Adombrare, Offuscare

Shade: translate from English into Korean

Translate shade into Korean}
그늘, 차양, 그림자, 응달, 망령, 음, 땅거미, 으슥한 곳, 지하 포도주 저장실, 미미한 차이, 어둡게 하다, 감추다, 조금 내리다, 지다, 그늘부분, 극소한 양, 극소한 정도, 그늘지게 하다, 빛이 닿지 않도록 하다, 열이 닿지 않도록 하다, 그늘을 짓다, 차츰 변화시키다, 조금씩 변화시키다, 음조를 늦추다, 음조를 조절하다, 차츰 변화하다

Shade: translate from English into Russian

Translate shade into Russian}
Оттенок, Тень, Абажур, Штора, Затенять, Полумрак, Экран, Нюанс, Растушевывать, Щит, Бленда, Прохлада, Штриховать, Защитное стекло, Смягчать, Намек, Бесплотный дух, Защищать, Тушевать, Маркиза, Затененное место, Незначительное отличие, Незначительное количество, Тень умершего, Привидение, Стеклянный колпак, Солнцезащитные очки, Защищать от света, Заслонять от света, Затуманивать, Омрачать, Незаметно переходить, Незаметно исчезать, Слегка понижать цену

Shade: translate from English into Spanish

Translate shade into Spanish}
Sombra, Tono, Pantalla, Matiz, Persiana, Sombrear, Dar sombra, Visera, Matizar, Pizca, Fantasma, Oscurecer, Tendencia, Oscurecerse, Tamizar, Fanal de cristal, Entristecer, Proteger contra el sol, Poner una pantalla, Reducir progresivamente

Word origin

Old English sc(e)adu, of Germanic origin. Compare with shadow.

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