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The meaning of Flit

Flit – definition


Move swiftly and lightly.

Usage examples:

Small birds flitted about in the branches

An act of moving house or leaving one's home, typically secretly so as to escape creditors or obligations.

Usage examples:

Moonlight flits from one insalubrious dwelling to another

Move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart


To fly or move quickly and lightly

Usage examples:

Bees flitted from flower to flower in the garden.

Flit translation into English

Flit: translate from English into Chinese

Translate flit into Chinese (Simplified)}
掠过, 飞

Flit: translate from English into Dutch

Translate flit into Dutch}
Fladderen, Vliegen, Vertrekken, Zweven, Voorbijgaan, Verhuizen

Flit: translate from English into French

Translate flit into French}
Voltiger, Papillonner, Voleter, Déménager, Partir en douce, Se baisser

Flit: translate from English into German

Translate flit into German}
Huschen, Gaukeln, Überfliegen, Umziehen

Flit: translate from English into Hindi

Translate flit into Hindi}
उड़ जाना, उड़ना, भाग जाना, स्थान बदलना, चले जाना

Flit: translate from English into Italian

Translate flit into Italian}
Svolazzare, Volteggiare, Movimento rapido, Passare veloce, Traslocare alla chetichella

Flit: translate from English into Korean

Translate flit into Korean}
훨훨 날다, 급속히 지나다, 휙휙날다, 사뿐히 지나가다, 이사하다

Flit: translate from English into Russian

Translate flit into Russian}
Порхать, Перелетать, Переселяться, Легко и бесшумно двигаться, Переезжать на другую квартиру, Перемена местожительства

Flit: translate from English into Spanish

Translate flit into Spanish}
Revolotear, Vuelo cortado, Volar con vuelo cortado

Word origin

Middle English (in the Scots and northern English sense): from Old Norse flytja ; related to fleet4.

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