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The meaning of Catapult

Catapult – definition


A forked stick with an elastic band fastened to the two prongs, used by children for shooting small stones.

Usage examples:

Last year a man lost the sight in his left eye after he answered a knock at his door and was hit by…

Hurl or launch (something) with or as if with a catapult.

Usage examples:

The explosion catapulted the car 30 yards along the road

Catapult translation into English

Catapult: translate from English into Chinese

Translate catapult into Chinese (Simplified)}
弹射, 弹弓, 发射机, 投石, 投石器

Catapult: translate from English into Dutch

Translate catapult into Dutch}
Katapult, Kattepult

Catapult: translate from English into French

Translate catapult into French}
Catapulte, Catapulter, Catapultage, Lance-pierre

Catapult: translate from English into German

Translate catapult into German}
Katapult, Katapultieren, Schleuder, Schleudern, Katapultiert werden, Geschleudert werden

Catapult: translate from English into Hindi

Translate catapult into Hindi}
गुलेल, कटपुलट

Catapult: translate from English into Italian

Translate catapult into Italian}
Catapulta, Fionda

Catapult: translate from English into Korean

Translate catapult into Korean}
투석기, 쇠뇌, 투석기로 쏘다

Catapult: translate from English into Russian

Translate catapult into Russian}
Катапульта, Катапультировать, Катапультироваться, Рогатка, Метательная машина, Выбрасывать катапультой, Стрелять из рогатки, Катапультируемое сидение, Метать

Catapult: translate from English into Spanish

Translate catapult into Spanish}
Catapulta, Catapultar, Trabuco, Tirador, Usar catapulta, Tiragomas

Word origin

late 16th century: from French catapulte or Latin catapulta, from Greek katapeltēs, from kata- ‘down’ + pallein ‘hurl’.

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